In the world of skincare, sometimes the key to moving forward lies in taking a step back. AYUNA, an innovative eco-luxury brand, embraces this philosophy wholeheartedly


In the world of skincare, sometimes the key to moving forward lies in taking a step back. AYUNA, an innovative eco-luxury brand, embraces this philosophy wholeheartedly. By working harmoniously with the skin, AYUNA delivers radiant and breath-taking results. The name itself, derived from the Spanish word for ‘fasting’, encapsulates the brand’s unique cosmetic fasting concept. This approach eliminates excessive stimulation from products, allowing the body’s inherent repair, regeneration, and defence mechanisms to shine. The core principle behind AYUNA can be summarized in three simple words coined by the brand itself: ‘Less is Beauty’.  

Own Scientific Garden

Botanical Science: AYUNA’s Inspiration and Innovation: AYUNA stands as a testament to the intersection of science and nature. Drawing inspiration from the observation of selected plant species, AYUNA’s team of botanical scientists have cultivated, nurtured, and meticulously researched numerous plant varieties. Through careful selection and extraction of botanical cells from their very own ‘Scientific Garden’, AYUNA ensures the utmost quality and effectiveness without the use of harmful pesticides or over-extraction.

This eco-conscious approach not only safeguards natural resources but also plays a pivotal role in protecting our environment both internally in the brand and externally in the world. AYUNA’s commitment to eco-luxury beauty goes beyond its transformative products. It embodies a profound belief that true beauty should never come at the expense of our planet.  

Cellular Oil


Epigenetic Factors

Epigenetic Factors: The Secret to Skin’s Health and Resilience: In a quest to enhance skin health and combat everyday environmental damage, AYUNA has ingeniously incorporated epigenetic factors obtained from these remarkable botanical cells into their formulations. These factors unlock the skin’s hidden potential, fortifying its defences and boosting its overall quality. By leveraging the power of nature, AYUNA has created a range of products that not only respect and preserve our environment but also further and protect your precious skin.  

Emotional Beauty

Skin-Brain Connection: Delving into the intricate connection between the skin and the brain, AYUNA has embarked on a ground-breaking journey. By blending carefully selected essential oils, AYUNA has created a harmonious fusion that not only leaves a captivating, addictive scent but also soothes the mind. Recognizing the impact of daily stresses and life on our skin’s ageing process, AYUNA introduces the concept of emotional beauty.

The exquisite blend of essential oils, aptly named the ‘Beautifulness Cocktail’, works in tandem to provide a sensorial skincare experience, promoting relaxation and self-love while combatting the effects of stress, placing relaxation at the forefront of skin health.  

The Ayuna Facial

The Ultimate Facial Experience: we sought to craft a facial that encompasses all the elements, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and serene. As the exclusive destination for AYUNA facials in London, we wanted to create something truly exceptional. Our treatment embraces the profound healing and calming properties of AYUNA’s ‘Beautifulness Cocktail’.

Through carefully curated inhalations and therapeutic massage techniques, we invite you to embark on a journey of ultimate relaxation while simultaneously nourishing your skin. London’s bustling lifestyle and pollution-laden environment provided us with inspiration for this targeted facial. By harnessing AYUNA’s stem cell cultures, micro lipids and antioxidants, our facial ensures your skin is shielded, rejuvenated, and exudes a radiant softness.

Surrender to the power of AYUNA as you emerge from the treatment room feeling refreshed, transformed, and rejuvenated – ready to face the world with newfound serenity and beauty.   

By Andrew Yates

5 JUNE 2023


By Andrew Yates