The sun is your skin’s worst enemy. Although moderate exposure is recommended, your body, and particularly your skin, can be negatively affected by the sun. Biologique Recherche has formulated a powerful and safe treatment method for the epidermis to be used throughout the solar cycle: pre-sun, during and after-sun. Help your skin protect itself effectively from the sun’s UV rays with these three key suncare products.

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Préparation U.V.


Protection U.V.


Réparation U.V.


Embassy of Beauty I Suncare from Biologique Recherche

First, our Préparation U.V. prepares your skin for exposure to the sun by promoting melanin synthesis to help the natural tanning process, preventing skin ageing and helping to protect against free radicals. Next, our 25 SPF sunscreen, Protection U.V., provides effective protection against UVA and UVB radiation. It also protects against skin ageing and dehydration, and is water resistant. Finally, our after-sun cream, Réparation U.V., helps prolong your tan, repairing the skin, preventing peeling and rehydrating the skin. Using our sun skincare system, your skin is left glowing and supple.