Facials or Facial Treatments?

We all need some “Me Time”, and for different people this can signify different things. For me, “Me Time” strictly means that I’m not peeling off my sumptuously soft pyjamas all day! I’m reading, I’m Netflixing, I’m (maybe) doing some household chores, I’m doing me! For some, this can also mean partaking in a little retail therapy, meeting with friends and family, catching a movie, practising yoga or pilates, or even having a spa day.

Personally, I’ve never enjoyed so called “Spa Days”, I never really understood what was so enjoyable or relaxing about it. I understand the beautifully serene spa surroundings, but I don’t understand the part where I have to walk around it in a bathrobe and slippers, going from an extremely hot room where it’s supposed to be healthy for me to sweat, then going into another where it’s freezing cold (this is apparently also healthy), and then another where I’m surrounded by salt (again, it’s also supposed to be healthy). Then, and this is the clincher, I’m to enjoy a massage which is supposed to “unwind” me (it actually winds me up further), where the therapist chooses the oils according to their scent, which always, and I mean always end up giving me back acne! So I leave, completely mystified as to why this is supposed to be “enjoyable” and with a strong sense that I will have back acne the next day.


As you’ve probably gathered, I’m not into being “pampered”, but I am seriously into having a healthy skin, and looking and feeling great!


This is where our treatments come in, they are Facial Treatments, not Facials; they’re not pampering, you won’t experience beautiful scents of Neroli and Jasmin through the products (if you do, it’s from our beautiful scent diffusers). You won’t be lying there blissfully unaware of the world as our therapist cradles you into a relaxing slumber through her long and languid movements; our expert therapists will be working on your skin to improve it and to cure it of its concerns. The treatment will take place on one half of your face first, and you will be shown the difference midway through the treatment so that you can see if you are satisfied, if you’re not, the therapist will keep going until you are, and only then will she progress to the other half of your face. We are all about results … although our clinic is luxuriously beautiful!


Let’s get into the nitty gritty of what our Facial Treatments are, and what they can offer you.


Firstly, I’d like to explain that each and every treatment we offer is different depending on our clients’ skin. We have a few main Treatment Boosters that we use, these are the foundations and the main active pillars we work around during each treatment. But we also have over 100 different facial products from which our therapists carefully handpick a selection to create bespoke combinations that will treat your exact skin concerns. The therapist might pluck out 4 different serums and mix them together, 2 or 3 different masks, either mixing them together or applying them to different parts of the face which need different attributes, she might even use our creams in very much the same way. All of this makes your treatment extremely unique and tailored to you.

Each of our Treatment Boosters are two-pronged, by this I mean that they have a dual action. One part will be focusing on rejuvenating the skin and the other will be focusing on balancing the skin.


The main treatment boosters we utilise are the following:


Our most popular treatment by far!

The Rejuvenating prong: This treatment means “Restructuring and Smoothing” and is fantastic to restructure the contours of the face and to iron out wrinkles. The therapist will focus more on the areas which need particular attention, such as restructuring sagging jaw lines if needed, or paying particular attention to certain wrinkles or creases, to smooth them out.

The Balancing prong: This treatment is extremely hydrating and calming to the skin, so we apply this treatment mostly to skins which have been sensitised in some way, are sensitive or are in need of hydration.

The Rejuvenating prong: This treatment is fantastic at brightening and plumping the skin. Named after the wondrous Lotion MC100, combined with the unique vibratory massage technique perfected by our expert therapists, your skin will be plumped and illuminated to perfection.

The Balancing prong: This treatment is absolutely quintessential for an oily tendency or a dull complexion. The MC110 is not only purifying, but it’s also extremely energising, so it’s perfect to even out skin tone, brighten and stunt oil secretion.

The Rejuvenating prong: This treatment is intensively renewing in that it treats ageing concerns such as wrinkles and sagginess, but it is also extremely proficient at brightening the skin and removing or lightening pigmentation.

The Balancing prong: This treatment contains a high concentration of fruit acids, so it’s an excellent choice for an overly oily tendency (with no acne or sensitisation) or for a skin with enlarged pores.

The Rejuvenating prong: This treatment is magnificent at lifting and toning the skin. Our clients call this their “Botox Time”. The therapist will combine this elastin and collagen stimulating booster, with her proficient and skilled Jacquet-Leroy technique, to lift and tone the oval of the face, the neck, the chest, the eye area and the cheekbones to faultlessness.

The Balancing prong: This treatment booster has a little bit of a grainy texture, so alongside all of the rejuvenating actions, it will also manually exfoliate the skin and slough off all of those dead skin cells. Quintessential for a dry, flaky or oily skin, the skin is left smooth and as soft as a peach!

But that’s not all! We also have our Super Booster which we use alongside our normal Treatment Boosters! This mainly consist of a handy machine which will magnify the effects of the initial Booster and all of the products applied.

As always, we place such great importance on analysing your skin, so that we may understand it as deeply as we can. Our expert therapists and consultants would then recommend the most efficient treatment for you and your skin, as well as any skincare recommendations you may require to reach your goal of that perfect skin.

  • The Remodelling Face Machine

This micro-current device offers visible, immediate and long-lasting results by combining the power of four different types of electrical currents. These currents are galvanic, medium and high frequencies, and the electroporation.

The Rejuvenating prong: The medium frequency reshapes and tones the contours and muscles of the face, whilst the high frequency currents deeply revitalise and energise the skin.

The Balancing prong: The galvanic current maximises the absorption of the products applied and deep cleanses the skin, whilst the electroporation makes the upper layer of the epidermis permeable to further the effects of the galvanic current.


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