Growth factors have been a trending conversation in the skincare world for a while now and here at Embassy of Beauty we are in love with everything they can do for the skin. In the process of ageing, communication naturally breaks down.

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Growth factors have been a trending conversation in the skincare world for a while now and here at Embassy of Beauty we are in love with everything they can do for the skin. In the process of ageing, communication naturally breaks down.

Our natural growth factors within the body begin to slow, environmental aggression and oxidative stress have a bigger impact as our cells weaken, and signs of ageing occur. Wrinkles begin to form, elasticity breaks down, collagen breaks down and sagging occurs.

Essentially, scientists are developing ways to hinder the ageing process by growing new skin more rapidly and growth factors are used as a means to maintain the skin’s youth.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s break it down and go into why you need growth factors in your skincare routine for incredible results.

So What Are Growth Factors?

Growth factors are a type of protein that helps to regulate cell growth and proliferation. They play an important role in cell growth and regeneration and help to stimulate collagen production, promote wound healing, and protect cells from damage.

As substance that naturally occur in your body and help regulate cellular processes, they have numerous benefits used in topical skincare. In other words, they help your skin cells grow and multiply, which can have incredible effects on the overall appearance of your skin.

Growth factors are found everywhere in your skin, and they manage essential tasks like replicating cells, reducing inflammation and stimulating collagen production.

When you apply certain growth factor skin care products, you’re giving your body more of what it already makes by itself, so it’s a natural, safe and effective anti-ageing ingredient.

What Are The Benefits of Growth Factors in Skincare?

- Stimulate collagen production

- Improve skin elasticity

- Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

- Promote wound healing

- Increase moisture retention

- Provide antioxidant protection



When incorporating growth factors into your skincare routine, there are a few things to keep in mind:

- First, growth factors are most effective when used in combination with other active ingredients like retinoids or Vitamin C.
- Second, because growth factors can increase cell turnover, it’s important to use them in conjunction with a sunscreen to protect your skin against sun damage.

La Grande Crème


This science-driven cream is the result of years of research and development. It rejuvenates cells, improves the skin's elasticity and plumpness, reduces pigmentation and restructures the facial contours.

DNA research has finally made it possible to turn back the clock on all the ageing effects caused by environmental factors. La Grande Crème contains the greatest number of concentrated active ingredients ever used in a Biologique Recherche product.

This pioneering cream tackles all
age-related phenomena and will leave your skin toned, smooth, protected, radiant and even.

Growth Factors In La Grand Crème

EpigenActiv® “switches off” the genes that are involved in the process of skin ageing, to enable the ultimate regeneration.

Its active ingredients improve the functional architecture of elastin and collagen fibers, giving a real “lifting” and anti-wrinkle effect

Cream I


A natural rejuvenating emulsion with excellent sensorial properties. The formula targets a range of skin functions and expands the potential benefits obtained from the science of Botanical Stem Cell Cultures.

It has a light texture and a delicate consistency that adapts its hydration to your skin’s needs and your environment. Plasmas Rich in Botanical Cell Factors, Growth Factors and Epigenetic Factors, as well as, Peptidic Fractions noticeably improve hyperpigmentation, even skin tone, reduce redness and tighten pores.

Growth Factors in Cream I

Through biotechnology, it incorporates Phyto-peptides obtained from Turmeric Root and Centella stem cells cultures, and Plasmas rich in Botanical Cell Factors obtained from Stem Cell from Green Carrot, Arabian Cotton and Pomegranate. Discover more below.

Cellular Oil


Ayuna’s Cellular Oil delicately elevates any skincare routine with its powerfully revitalising properties that soften and brighten while triggering the skin’s energy rejuvenation cycles.

The incredible serum-in-oil uses patented technology to fuse stem cells from the Millennial Olive Tree with Hazelnut & Sweet Almond Oils to create an exquisite combination that nourishes and rejuvenates the skin by stimulating the energy generation of its own cells.

With Cellular Oil, Ayuna has made it possible to reenergise and recharge cells, triggering them to generate beauty again.

Growth Factors in Cellular Oil

For the first time in cosmetics, AYUNA provides the skin with oil extracted from the Stem Cells of The Acebuche, the Millennium Wild Olive tree. Using patented technology, micro-lipids are obtained from the cell membrane providing extraordinary benefits vital in reviving the skin’s appearance and triggering its energy rejuvenation cycles.

This extraordinary ingredient is masterfully combined with a Mediterranean blend based on Olive, Hazelnut and Sweet Almond oils. This exquisite combination selected for its nourishing properties reinforces fatty acid levels and provides an unparalleled silky sensation.

Definitive Hyaluron Activator Serum


Auteur’s Hyaluron Activator Serum reinvents hydration with its unique use of 5 high to micro-low molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid that hydrate the skin and increase collagen production.

The combination of sophisticated High-Actives, formulated with BIO Placenta Growth Factor and Collagen Regulator Tetrapeptide improve skin density, firmness and elasticity, and accelerate the skin’s regeneration process, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Complex and Hyalufix™ ensures the skin is hydrated and stimulates the skin’s own production of Hyaluron, reducing shadows and improving radiance.

Growth factors in Definitive Hyaluron Activator Serum

BIO-PLACENTA: Bio-safe synergistic combination of five potent growth factors (EGF, IGF-1, Acidic FGF, Basic FGF, and VEGF), plus amino acids and vitamins that revitalise the skin by targeting the skin’s keratinocyte and fibroblast cells to smooth wrinkles and lift skin.

Start To Incorporate Them Into your Routine

There’s a reason we are in love with growth factors in skincare and hope you fall in love with their incredible properties too.

From stimulating collagen production, improving skin elasticity to increasing moisture retention and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, growth factors are the perfect addition to your skincare routine for that overall glow.

By Andrew Yates

23RD SEPT 2022


By Andrew Yates