Growth factors have been a trending conversation in the skincare world for a while now and here at Embassy of Beauty we are in love with everything they can do for the skin. In the process of ageing, communication naturally breaks down.


With June being acne awareness month, we thought it would be the perfect time to discuss how to clear clogged pores, blackheads, and whiteheads. The internet is riddled with all kinds of supposed solutions for this very common acne problem, but do they work? Clogged pores are a combination of dead skin cells and excess oil from your sebaceous glands. In essence, it all comes down to the simple truth: the skin is unbalanced. As tempting as it is to try to push out or pinch the skin to remove them, it would only cause unnecessary scarring and damage to the skin.

Environmental factors are some of the main contributing factors for clogged pores, including, toxins in the air, pollutants, sweat, environmental debris and all contribute to blocking your sebaceous glands (part of your hair follicles). Their main function is to secrete sebum, which is an oily substance that provides protection and moisture to the skin. An excess of sebum production with a mix of environmental factors, hormonal changes, and dead skin lead to clogged pores.

Unbalanced skin needs strict routines to regulate itself and is best to stick to it for a minimum of a 2-month period to truly see the difference and maintain a healthy, balanced skin. So, let’s take it step by step and begin with having the right products for your skin.

Step 1: Cleanse

Definitive Enzyme Cleanser


Deep cleansing and refining, the Definitive Enzyme Cleanser by Auteur removes impurities and restores radiance to the skin in a lovely powder form that mixes with water to make a soft and fluffy paste.

With active ingredients that work together to gently exfoliate and refine the skin, the enzyme cleanser boasts a cocktail of Niacinamide, Vitamin C Compound, and Citric Acid, working hard to unclog pores and remove all the built-up environmental stressors.

Step 2: Tone

The Facial Low


An innovative powder-in-lotion concentrate, the Facial Low by Ayuna dramatically improves skin’s texture and appearance by balancing the sebum and the skin’s microbiota that minimises the size of pores and evens skin tone.

The Facial Low combats clogged pores with a trio of amino acids that are gradually released to prevent any discomfort to the skin while maintaining an optimum PH to effectively renew and smooth skin texture.

Step 3: Mask



An incredibly gently balm that enhances the skin’s natural ability to protect itself, Ayuna’s Balm is rich in Volcanic Glass and Active Carbon.

The innovative ingredients make it particularly effective in lessening the skin’s sensitivity and drawing out impurities, which is why it is perfect for clearing clogged pores and balancing the skin. Its detoxifying properties can be utilised in multiple ways to eliminate trapped dirt and ongoing clogged pores.

Step 4: Serum

Sérum Colostrum VG


When it comes to clogged pores, blackheads, and whiteheads, we mentioned that balancing the skin and strengthening the skin’s barrier is essential, however, an equally crucial step to preventing clogged pores is keeping the skin hydrated. Maintaining a hydrated skin barrier allows the skin to maintain healthy skin cell regeneration. Water also helps remove bacteria from the skin, therefore reducing the chances of clogged pores.

Biologique Recherche’s Sérum Amniotique VG delivers hydration as well as having regenerative properties to promote healing of the skin.

With Sérum Amniotique VG the water content of the epidermis is restored

Step 5: Cream

Creme Hydravit'S


A hydrating cream is also a must to combat unbalanced skin that is prone to clogged pores and Crème Hydravit’S by Biologique Recherche is a wonderfully light cream for ultimate hydration. Created with Specific Biologique Recherche Phyto-Complex and yeast, the cream mimics the skin’s sebum and has detoxifying and purifying properties to help clear pores. It has revitalising active ingredients that promote cell renewal to regenerate the skin.

Step 6: SPF



Finally, protecting the skin against daily environmental aggressors (pollution, bacteria, dehydration, dryness, oxidation) as well as it’s beautifully breathable formulation; is the ultimate prevention to further clogged pores that sometimes seem like a never-ending dilemma!

Velo by Ayuna is a sophisticated tinted SPF that plays a vital role in the skin’s appearance and health. Add a layer to the end of your skincare routine for a glow that is highly effective as well as beautiful.

By Andrew Yates

23RD SEPT 2022


By Andrew Yates