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Transform your home into a Wintery Sanctuary with Trudon's Limited Edition Seasonal Candles

Nothing announces the festive season more than scents. Well, except for Ms Carey. But holiday songs aside, there are certain fragrances that herald in the winter, regardless of where in the world you’re from. 

We may not think about it often, but our sense of smell is actually a wonderful gift. Scents and fragrances can trigger memories as early as four years old. A dash of cinnamon, a hint of pine can transport you back to your childhood or light the mood for memories to come. 

As the world is wrapped in a blanket of festive aromas and ready to welcome another year, we become fully aware of the winter's enchanting beauty and the allure the season brings. Trudon, masters of fragrance, have embodied the holidays in their collection this winter. Here at Embassy of Beauty, we’re delighted to offer these delightful candles.  

We invite you to join us on an adventure with Trudon's Gift Set, Gloria and Fir, three fragrances that capture the essence of winter through their unique tones and delightful scents.

Let's delve into the enchanting fragrances that infuse warmth and sophistication into the year's colder months. 

Gloria: A Fiery Melody

Crafted by Maison Trudon, this candle perfectly captures the enchanting essence of winter. Its flame dances gracefully, casting a glow that transforms any space into a peaceful sanctuary. Its scent is a blend of fragrances that resonates with the season's spirit. 

 As you experience its aroma, you are reminded of the crackling warmth of a cottage fireplace. The combination of cedarwood and sandalwood creates a harmonious reflection of the strength and resilience of winter landscapes. As the flame flickers, heart notes of amber and vanilla emerge, casting an indulgent spell that brings comfort to the soul. 

 The fragrance reaches its peak in Trudon Gloria's base notes. A hint of leather adds a warm touch, while the subtle spices of cinnamon and clove bring an air of intrigue. This intricate composition showcases Trudon's mastery by capturing the beauty of winter within a single candle. 



Fir: An Escape to Nature

Complementing Trudon Gloria's tones is the refreshing presence of Fir, which takes us into the heart of a magnificent winter forest. This fragrance captures the essence of towering fir trees with branches adorned in snow. The initial notes of pine and eucalyptus provide a burst of scent reminiscent of a brisk stroll through a snowy woodland. 

As Trudon Fir develops, its fragrance unveils a core composed of elemi and balsam fir, adding richness and fineness. The underlying base notes of cedarwood and musk anchor the scent, creating a comforting feeling. Trudon Fir is like stepping into an olfactory shelter where you can escape to a cottage surrounded by undisturbed snow-covered pines. 



Winter Season Gift Set

To fully immerse yourself in the wintry allure of Trudon, consider setting up an inviting atmosphere in your home with the perfect luxury candle duo gift set: Gloria & Gabriel. The Gloria candle envelops the room in the comforting scent of firewood, mingling Indonesian Patchouli, Haitian Vetiver, and cedarwood with spicy accords like cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg, accompanied by a subtle hint of citrus.

Meanwhile, the Gabriel Candle captures the essence of winter afternoons by a blazing chimney fire, infusing notes of Candied Chestnuts, Leather, and Cashmere Wood to create an inviting atmosphere reminiscent of cozy relaxation and sweet memories.

Gift Set Gloria & Gabriel


Pairing & Ambiance

 Arrange some evergreen branches in a vase and candles that carry hints of cedar or pine scents, allowing their fragrances to blend beautifully in the air. This combination will enhance a winter wonderland while inviting tranquility and meditation.

Whether you are captivated by the melodies of Gloria or find solace in the essence of Fir, these fragrances exemplify the craftsmanship of scent, and its ability to transport us to the core of winter, and our beloved memories.  

Thank you for reading and see you soon! 

By Natalie Kingsley-Fieldgrass

01 DEC 2023


By Natalie Kingsley-Fieldgrass