A new year should help to introduce a new you and a new set of ideals to help get the ball rolling and maintain throughout the year. A great way to start would be a post ‘indulgent season’ detox to keep the skin looking tight and firm.

New Year, New Skin -
How To Detox & Revitalise Your Skin

A new year should help to introduce a new you and a new set of ideals to help get the ball rolling and maintain throughout the year. A great way to start would be a post ‘indulgent season’ detox to keep the skin looking tight and firm.

We can start by adopting better habits in our day to day to start seeing differences in our skin, and flush out toxins from the prior season, primarily with letting go of the routine of feeling guilty for overindulging. If the goal is to bounce back to pre-holiday season, it should be done in an easy and sustainable way.

So, here are a few tips to adopt a healthier approach to feel great and start the new year fresh. 

Tip 1: Skincare is Selfcare

Who doesn’t love to take a little time out of your routine to pamper yourself? Using the right products for your body can have so many benefits in how the skin looks and feels. Our skin on our bodies is sometimes forgotten about, especially during winter as we are often covered head to toe.

Personally, I find my biggest mistake is thinking I don’t have to concern myself with my skin on my body as ‘nobody is going to see it’ yet believing I should be doing it for the eyes of others is the real fault. This should be done for us and us alone. We should feel comfortable in our skin – literally.

Collectively, one of our principal concerns, after an indulgent season, is cellulite. Cellulite can occur from numerous different factors – fibrous cellulite is shown when the adipose tissue or adipocytes attach themselves to your collagen fibres making the skin uneven, aqueous cellulite is caused by an irregular retention of water and adipose cellulite is an excess of fat that is stores in irregular ways to the skin. These can all occur due to several factors but poor diet and inactivity are a big cause, which I am guilty of both.

Dermal stimulation can have great impact on this by promoting blood circulation and opening the lymphatic system. Biologique Recherche’s Body Glove is a wonderful tool to help stimulate the skin to kickstart its detoxing process. For those who stand all day, it’s an amazing way to drain excess fluid and swelling to be able to relax just that little better at night. A little massage is a great way to practice self-care and self-love to relax the body after long days and feel energized and renewed. 

Body Glove



A great product to pair this with is Biologique Recherche’s Lipogen AC. It helps to smooth out subcutaneous adipose tissue – cellulite as well as helping to reduce the accumulation of targeted dermal/hypodermal fat cells by enhancing circulation. It uses a potent blend of Wild Ginger and Pink Peppercorn extracts, which are very stimulating ingredients to help combat free radical damage as well as kickstart lipolysis – the degradation of targeted fat cells.

They prevent tissue inflammation and help to limit the transformation of adipocytes into mature adipocytes which are much harder to target. This energizing and nourishing oil feels luxurious as you apply, especially as we recommend doing so with massage. 

Lipogen AC

Biologique Recherche

Increasing Blood Circulation

Adopting the same ethos of self-love – Ayuna’s Spirulite is another fantastic option for helping to increase blood circulation and kickstart the detoxification process in the shower.

With natural Luffa Fibres and Microalga, they help to remineralize and revitalise the skin targeting cellulite in ways that treatments cannot. Naturally high in Linoleic Acid and Omega-6, it has amazing antioxidant benefits on the body – the skin needs this on the body just as much as on the face.

It is a multifunctional bar that in their terms helps to ‘Beautify’ your body's skin. In addition to how it cleanses, it gently exfoliates helping to eliminate dead cells, which actually helps the efficacy of everything else in your routine too. Packed with Ayuna’s infamous ‘Beautifulness Cocktail’ – the scent will transcend your mind and your body - easy to introduce in any routine.  



Tip 2: Cold Is The New Hot

In Biologique Recherche, for anyone who has had their facials, cold water is used to prevent active ingredients from becoming inactive, since everything is cold-pressed, allowing these ingredients to be at their most active state. This is not only beneficial to the Biologique Recherche routine but also for skin and body as a whole. 

Cold water therapy might be uncomfortable to begin with but there are a huge range of benefits that we can gain from cold water treatments. Exposure to cold water encourages blood circulation and has profound effects on the body’s natural lymphatic system, helping to drain and cleanse our its cellular waste. When the lymphatic system is compromised or not regulating it can become stagnant which then increases a build-up of toxins and fluids within the body causing swelling and puffiness. Not only this, but it can also activate the brown fat in the body which triggers fat burning hormones, especially as it is considered anti-inflammatory, similarly to the way we apply an ice pack to an injury, this works in the same way.

Another fantastic benefit to cold water therapy is how it reduces the pores and tightens the skin on the body without damaging our natural layer of oil which leads to better hydration. There is also research that Cold Water Therapy can increase dopamine levels which will have many benefits on stress levels and when you feel good, you look good. 

3. Stretching

The lymphatic system is our body’s natural detoxification process as it maintains fluid levels in our body tissue and removes all leakages from blood vessels, meaning it’s very important to our immune responses. Accumulation of fluids means there is an autoimmune response to something. In the same way that glycation happens with the increase of glucose within the blood, a surplus of excess fluids can have negative impacts on the skin also.

Therefore, stretching is so important to add into your daily routine as it is a great way to detox the system of waste. Doing a few light stretches of the neck, the back and the chest before bed allow this system to open and drain to help prevent the retention of water within the face and extremities, specifically the eyes, the cheeks and the feet. 

Do you ever notice after a lymphatic drainage facial or massage you will need to use the toilet afterwards? It’s because your lymphatic drainage system has been opened allowing your body to detoxify and remove them. So, another great way to detoxify the body and remove the accumulation of excess fluids, is to treat yourself to a massage or facial. It’s not just benefiting your lymphatic system but also allows you that time to relax and recover from the stress of pre-holiday season. Relaxation and stretching should go hand-in-hand.

Whichever method you adopt – if not all 3, taking care of yourself is very important for the benefit of you. It bears repeating, when you feel good, you look good! This year let’s adopt healthier ideals as well as habits, without feeling guilty for the holidays. Taking time out of our days to take care of ourselves, whichever way that is, will be beneficial to us in the long run. It’s why here at Embassy of Beauty, we always have your skin in mind. 

By Andrew Yates

10TH FEB 2023


By Andrew Yates