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Restore Post-Summer Skin - Featuring Biologique Recherche

How to Look After Post-Summer Skin 

 After a long summer of sun, sea, and pool, your skin can take a beating. It can become dry, dehydrated, congested and even rough. But don't worry, there are a few things you can do to help your skin recover and look plump, glowy, and as gorgeous and healthy as it was during your vacation.  

 Ever noticed how your skin's needs change with the environment? When you're in the sun, your skin becomes a superhero, producing oils to keep itself juicy and vibrant. But, as the temperature drops, your skin needs a different kind of love.

 Here's the key: Reinforce your skin's hydrolipic shield, a dynamic duo of water and oils (lipids). These work together to create a protective barrier, just like how you switch your wardrobe when the seasons change. When you're in warmer climates, your skin produces more oils, supporting that lipidic shield. Yet, in cooler climates, the oil production takes a dip, and that's where you come in. 
Following these post-summer tips with the right skincare products (including Biologique Recherche, Auteur, Sapelo Skincare and Ayuna), you can help your skin recover from a long summer and look its best all year round. 

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By Natalie Kingsley-Fieldgrass

1ST JUNE 2023


By Natalie Kingsley-Fieldgrass