Explore the Antioxidant Benefits in Skincare and learn how they fend off free radicals & prevent signs of ageing,

The Top 4 Vitamins for Healthy, Glowing Skin

In the world of topical skincare, vitamin C is definitely theit girl”. Most brands have their own iteration of the ingredient, and you can find it in everything from cleansers to sunscreens. While we’ll definitely talk about its benefits in this article, we also want to tell you about some of the underdogs in vitamin skincare.



You see, vitamins are micronutrients required by the body to carry out a range of functions. They’re essential to skin health, but our bodies can’t create them on its own. Hence their required consumption or topical application. Vitamin deficiency can lead to a whole list of problems (scurvy anyone?), but thankfully for modern diets, it can be quite hard to lack any of them. 

 Topical application allows skin to utilise vitamins directly, helping it defend itself against free radical damage, while providing benefits such as brighter skin, optimal hydration, and a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles. 

 As there are multiple vitamins out there, today we’re just going to focus on a few that not only provide great results but are also available in our products here at Embassy of Beauty.  

Vitamin C

Many people don’t know this, but vitamin C comes in many, many forms, and it seems chemists discover a new one every day! From the OG herself, Ascorbic Acid, to acne fighting Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate. It’s important to know which one is in your product, and if it’s what your skin actually needs. Nonetheless, all forms of vitamin C are powerful antioxidants that combat free radical damage.

Biologique Recherche’s Masque PIGM400 contains vitamin C in the form of Ascorbyl Glucoside. This variant is formed when ascorbic acid is paired with glucose. It carries brilliant complexion brightening, pigmentation reducing properties, and just so happens to be very stable as well. 

Masque PIGM400


Vitamin A

Just like her sister C, Vitamin A wears quite a few different faces. Over the decades, countless studies have been conducted to test its effectiveness. It works so well some derivatives need a dermatologist's prescription! Safe to say it’s quite the multitasker, Vitamin A boosts Collagen production, refines fine lines, targets unwanted pigmentation, and tackles stubborn acne. Cacay Oil, Bakuchiol, and Retinol combine to deliver 3 forms of vitamin A in Auteur’s Definitive Retinol Serum. It also pairs them with Glycolic Acid, to offer further skin refining benefits, while combating any irritation with Magnolia Bark Extract and Squalane.   

Definitive Retinol Serum


Vitamin D

As the winter draws near, this is one daily supplement that many of us will want to stock up on. Produced naturally by exposure to the sun, Vitamin D is important for the strength of bones, and even helps in balancing out the mood. But did you know Vitamin D has great topical benefits for the skin as well?
Topical Vitamin D maintains a protective barrier against sun damage, while aiding cellular renewal. You can find it in Ayuna’s Nectar, a creamy serum that works around the clock to restore skins barrier, refine texture, and improve microcirculation.  



Vitamin E

Possibly one of the most nourishing vitamins, it’s been found to instantly calm, and sooth irritated, compromised skin. Vitamin E is both a humectant and an emollient. That means it not only helps draw water into skin, but it also works to prevent water from escaping the skin as well. A potent anti-inflammatory, it’s a saviour to those with sensitive, inflamed skin.

The Sapelo Rejuvenating Cream combines this skin saving ingredient with ceramides, peptides and colloidal platinum. They work to combat dryness, leaving skin nourished, rejuvenated and intensely hydrated.  

Rejuvenating Cream


The good thing about vitamin saturation in skincare is that there are so many options to choose from. But ensuring you choose the right product is important for healthy skin. Just like internal vitamins that work to supplement your day-to-day diet, topical vitamins work best in formulations that boost their efficacy. So, by combining your topical vitamins with other stellar ingredients, you’re bound to achieve the best results for your skin.  

 Thank you for reading and see you soon! 

By Natalie Kingsley-Fieldgrass

21 JAN 2024


By Natalie Kingsley-Fieldgrass