Collagen is one of the most talked-about and widely recognized ingredients in the skincare and dietary industries. This buzzword is commonly seen on the fronts of face cream packaging, serums, drinks, and supplements

Unlocking the Power of Collagen.


Collagen is one of the most talked-about and widely recognized ingredients in the skincare and dietary industries. This buzzword is commonly seen on the fronts of face cream packaging, serums, drinks, and supplements.

With the recent launch of Biologique Recherche's Collagene Originel, what sets it apart from other products? To answer this question, it's important to understand what collagen actually is.

28 Different Forms of Collagen in the Body

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins within the human body found within our skin, hair, nails, bones, muscles and tendons. It provides the structure and strength for plump skin, making up two-thirds of its total weight. Collagen also plays a crucial role in the connective tissues of the skin and in cell communication.

Surprisingly, there are 28 different forms of collagen in our body, although only one generic type is commonly known. Each type has a different structure and serves different functions in the body.

Most are fibrillar meaning they are long and thin structures which are both flexible and very strong. The major collagens in the skin are types 1 and 3, which account for around 80% and 10% of the total bulk of collagen within the dermis, bones and tendons.

As we age, Type 3 collagen degrades faster than Type 1, disrupting the regenerative process and making it harder for the skin to heal. This decline in collagen levels results in weaker, thinner fibers, leading to a loss of plumpness and volume.

Gravity and various factors such as hormonal changes, health conditions, pollution and environmental damage, sun exposure, and low Vitamin C levels can all contribute to the breakdown of collagen. We all, unfortunately, know gravity very well and it is not our friend when collagen degrades. So, how do we regain it? Can we simply get it back by applying or drinking or applying collagen?

Endogenous Collagen

Ingesting collagen can improve joint movement and lubrication in tendons and joints, but it needs to be transported throughout the body before it reaches the skin. Although ingesting collagen can have an impact on the skin, its large molecular size may prevent it from reaching the outer layers.

Like drinking water, the body will take the molecules throughout the whole body first before reaching the skin which is our outer and largest living organ. Ingestible and topical collagens are split into endogenous collagen (natural, self-made collagen) and exogenous collagen (synthetic from an outside source).

The most beneficial for the body are those that help increase the production of endogenous collagen, which the body can better synthesize and recognize. To achieve this, collagen in supplements and skincare products is broken down into peptides or fragments that act as messengers between cells and help accelerate the production of naturally occurring skin proteins like collagen and elastin.

These peptides help the skin repair and rebuild by healing damaged cells, acting like miniature pieces of the original protein that can be more easily absorbed and recognized by the body, allowing it to produce more. Isn't that clever?

Strengthening the D.E.J.


Other types of collagen, such as Type 4 and Type 7, are important for skin health as they are present in the Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ) and the Vascular Basement Membranes. This miniscule layer within the skin has a major impact on strength and communication within the skin, the dermis contains most of our processes within the skin: melanin production, collagen and elastin production, ageing and the very sad glycation process.

These collagens help strengthen the communication between the skin cells and facilitate the production of collagen, allowing peptides to signal the fibroblasts more easily. By strengthening the DEJ, the skin becomes structurally stronger, allowing for better communication of the deeper skin cells from the membrane.

When these collagens, known as anchoring fibrils, are prevalent it allows the layer to functionally connect and separate the deeper skin cells to the membrane making it structurally much stronger as these collagens are adhesive. Overall, collagen is a complex and vital protein for maintaining skin health.

Collagen Type-O

So, what exactly does Biologique Recherche's Collagene Originel serum do? It uses Collagen Type-0, a patented and innovative form of collagen found in a single planktonic organism that has been around for 600 million years. – without evolving. I think it would be the only time we’d allow something that old to be on our face…

This serum improves the cohesion of the Dermal-Epidermal Junction and increases the density of the collagen structure within the epidermis, leading to higher production of Collagens 1 and 3.

This improves the skin's natural resilience to degradation and overall plumpness. It also acts on the cohesion of the Dermal-Epidermal Junction helping to restart all those cells that got lazy with age kickstarts a much better process of collagen production within the deeper layers of the epidermis. So that would be everything, right? The Solution to all our skincare woes… not quite. We can improve the benefits with the right routine, what products work best to give us our best skin yet?

Biologique Recherche Skincare Emulsion Originelle Régénérante

Collagene Originel


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Hydration is KEY

Hydration is key: Auteur’s Hyaluron Activator contains an ingredient called the Collagen Regulating Tetrapeptide, a small bioactive peptide that helps to regulate the development of fibrillar collagens and the synthesis of new collagen – overall preventing the degradation of collagen, increasing skin suppleness and plumpness.

Paired with 5 different molecular sizes and weights of Hyaluronic Acid, some of which are hydrophobic allowing them to stay in the skin for longer, skin has never looked so plump!

Biologique Recherche Skincare Emulsion Originelle Régénérante

Definitive Hyaluron Activator Serum


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Lipids to Lock

Lipids to lock: Sapelo’s Rejuvenating Cream makes a fantastic option to lock in moisture levels and further improve and increase our collagen producing benefits. It uses a proprietary blend of 5 Peptides to increase levels of Collagen 1, 3, Elastin, Hyaluronic Acid and helps to heal cells suffering from UV damage.

It’s plumping, firming, and giving a stronger elasticity without the need for invasive collagen building treatments like microdermabrasion or micro needling.

Biologique Recherche Skincare Emulsion Originelle Régénérante

Rejuvenating Cream


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Biologique Recherche's Micropuncture Lab

However, micro needling has been known to provide excellent results for skin rejuvenation and revitalization. If you're a fan of this treatment, then Biologique Recherche's ‘Micropuncture Lab’ treatment is an excellent option to consider.

This procedure is a combination of expert techniques and high-quality products that work together to enhance the skin's appearance and texture. The treatment involves the use of controlled trauma to the skin using a microneedling device, which is paired with Biologique Recherche's Cocktail D'actifs Regenerants.

This combination of actions leads to better penetration of the intensely active serum into the skin, thereby kickstarting the production of collagen. Providing increased production of collagen to flood the skin, heal the surface, and improve the skin's overall appearance.

Maintaining Healthy Collagen Levels

To maintain healthy collagen levels, it is important to nourish the skin. By using topical skincare products that contain collagen-boosting ingredients, the body can produce more of its own endogenous collagen and repair and rebuild damaged cells.

Understanding the different types of collagens, such as types 1, 3, 4, and 7, and their impact on the skin helps us to better appreciate the complexity of this protein and the importance of taking care of it for overall health and beauty

By Andrew Yates

10TH FEB 2023


By Andrew Yates