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Uncover the Ideal Winter Moisturiser for Your Skin Type

As you probably already know, here at Embassy of Beauty, we’re big ambassadors on knowing and understanding what your specific skin type is. This knowledge can make a significant difference on your skin care routine, regarding everything from; the products you use, when you use them and even how they are implemented.  

The thing about skin is though, regardless of if you’re oily, combination or dry, it is always in a state of constant change at any given instant. Over time, you may have realised that your skin in a plane, in your home, or in a car, can behave much differently depending on the location. Skin health can be affected by everything from fluctuation of temperature to the presence (or lack) of light. The most subtle of changes can determine what products are needed in that specific moment.
Be as it may, the fundamentals of good skin health remain the same, no matter the environment it may find itself. For skin to always work its best, it needs to be cleansed regularly, be fairly pH balanced, stay sufficiently hydrated, and maintain adequate lipid levels. Of course, depending on specific skin concerns, such as fine lines, redness, or acne, other factors and needs may come into play. But the general consensus remains the same. This essentially means that you need to cleanse your skin daily, you should definitely use a toner to balance the pH, and you most assuredly have to incorporate a moisturiser that replenishes your natural skin barrier.   

Achieving A Healthy Balance


Moisturisers are unique formulations that are often taken for granted. They are an emulsified blend of water and oils, be it vegetable, butter or wax, that mimic the ingrained way skin protects its barrier. Thus, they assist in retaining a healthy balance of hydration and lipids in every season, keeping skin plump, firm, and resilient. 

 So, regardless of when in the year or where in the world, a good moisturiser is a necessity to aid your skin in behaving optimally. Especially as there is no other product that does what it can do. Hydrating serums usually contain water-based ingredients, while oils are well, just oils. To achieve the right balance for skin health both water and oil is needed, and you can only achieve that with the right moisturiser for your skin type.  

Winter Months

During the winter, temperatures can drop way below the single digits. This state of weather can have negative impacts on your skin. Many people notice that their skin is tight, flaking, and even inflamed. Our skin is quite resilient, and it does its best to adapt to any changes in our environment. But sometimes, it needs more help than it usually would. Depending on your skin type, the moisturiser you may need in the winter months might be a far call from what you would reach for in the summertime.  

If You Have Oily Skin

Many oily skin types shy away from moisturisers that contain any form of oil whatsoever, while some don’t even moisturise at all. However, with oily skin types, the rule of thumb is that the less you moisturise the skin, the more it goes into overdrive to produce excess sebum. By skipping this crucial layer of your skincare routine, you might be doing your skin more harm than good. Crème Collagene is a wonderful lightweight moisturiser for oily skin types.  This yeast based emulsion contains Vitamin B3 and Natural Moisturising Factors (NMFs) to deliver long-lasting hydration, without causing that dreaded mid-day sheen.

A phyto-complex specific to Biologique Recherche, works to tighten pores and rejuvenate the skin without clogging pores and causing breakouts. And of course, segmented collagen is included in the formula to plump and redensify facial contours, perfect for those concerned about the early signs of ageing.  

If your skin is more combination than oily, Crème Collagene is also a great choice for you. However, if you find that during the winter it leans more towards your drier tendencies, then Crème VG Derm may be a much better choice. Another yeast based cream from Biologique Recherche, it ups the moisturising factor by utilising macadamia nut oil, which penetrates the lipid barrier to deeply nourish the skin. Plant waxes form a breathable protective layer, helping to keep moisture in, and the harsh winter elements out. This cream immediately relieves skin of epidermal tightness, leaving it soothed and softened upon application. Hyaluronic acid and a rhizobium gum complex create a reservoir of hydration, ensuring all the fundamental properties for a healthy moisture barrier are ticked off, without leaving the skin feeling heavily coated.  

Creme Collagene


Creme VG Derm


Fatigued Skin?

In as much as we love the holidays, the winter rush can sometimes leave us a bit overwhelmed. This stress can manifest in different ways (put down the cookie honey), but oftentimes it appears via route of the skin. When we’re fatigued or anxious, our muscles can move involuntarily, leaving deep wrinkles and lines in their wake.

Cream III from Ayuna is the perfect moisturiser to combat these visible signs of stress, whilst working double time to enclose skin in a cocoon of hydration. Lipid replenishing rice bran oil contains an abundant amount of vitamin E. This regenerative antioxidant protects skin from trans epidermal water loss. Working alongside micro lipids from cannabis sativa stem cells, skin is left regenerated and replenished. These cannabis stem cells also work on endorphins to stimulate a positive response in your emotions, literal smiles in a jar, they can instantly lift your mood. While another form of stem cells cultivated from turmeric root work to directly relax fine lines and wrinkles, making this moisturiser an all-rounder indeed.

Cream III is superbly emollient, achieving its lush consistency without any comedogenic silicones or irritating petrochemical ingredients. Perfect not only for dry and dehydrated skin, but also suitable for sensitive types as well.

Cream III


Anti-Ageing Moisturiser

Our love for Cream III cannot be lauded enough, yet for those searching for a more potent arsenal of anti-ageing ingredients this winter, we have just the moisturiser for you. 

 Auteur’s Restoration Cream lives up to its name and then some. A blend of antioxidants, peptides and nourishing agents work to strengthen, repair and restore the skin. Supreme wrinkle diminishing, collagen boosting, retinol, is included in an encapsulated form. This ensures that it penetrates deeply into skin, while minimising any irritation that retinoids can oftentimes produce. As cellular turnover is increased, new skin cells are stimulated to grow as healthy as possible, via a blend of ceramides, resveratrol and 24k flakes of gold.

A truly luxurious experience, Restoration Cream provides intense moisture to dry, dehydrated, mature skin types, replenishing delipidated skin with betaine, shea butter and argan oil. A mineral blend containing magnesium, zinc and copper illuminates the complexion, alongside fermented mushroom and a triple oxygenated complex. With pollutants neutralised, skin is left brighter, even toned and radiant.

Definitive Restoration Cream


Tailored Skincare

Our skin types are unique in many ways. As we pass through life, they can take on patterns, behaviours and tendencies as multifaceted as our personalities. Understanding that each skin type requires certain benefits depending on its current circumstance, be it, hormonal, emotional or environmental, can go a long way in keeping it at its best self. 

Whatever your skin is currently experiencing this winter, we guarantee there’s something here at Embassy just for you.  

Thank you for reading and we’ll see you soon. 

By Natalie Kingsley-Fieldgrass

12 JAN 2024


By Natalie Kingsley-Fieldgrass