Let’s target common body skin concerns

Let’s target common body skin concerns

In the last E-Mag article, we discussed how exfoliation and hydration are the key to achieving silky smooth summer skin.

Now, as we pack our luggage and get ready to grace the balmy European coastlines with our presence this summer, we often feel a little nervy about wearing swimwear, and so we arm ourselves with a rainbow of sarongs that just make us feel a little comforted. Let's give ourselves the confidence to whip off those layers!

Just as we tackle common concerns including rosacea, acne or pigmentation on the face, common body skin concerns, including cellulite and stretch marks, require specific ingredients and formulations to treat.

Let’s tackle three of the most common concerns – it really is as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Banish stretch marks


Many of us notice the appearance of stretch marks – particularly after pregnancy, where many ladies refer to pregnancy stretch marks as ‘tiger stripes’. Nonetheless, we slather ourselves in oils of every kind to try and reduce them appearing in the first place.

The fact is, when our bodies change in shape, the skin becomes under tension and emits SOS signals which cause an inflammatory reaction (red stretch marks). Over time, the skin fibres become rigid and the skin sinks and becomes thinner and inactive, causing the white appearance of older stretch marks.

Stretch mark cream Targeting stretch marks is a treatment course, and you should stick with a cream for around two months to see the full benefits of your stretch mark treatment – and don’t forget to massage in upwards motions and really boost the treatment with your body glove.

For newly formed stretch marks: try the stretch mark cream, Crème R-Stria (the R stands for ‘rouge’ which is ‘red’ in French). This cream is packed with active ingredients formulated to decrease inflammation and reconstruct the fibres of the skin. Use this twice daily to soothe those angry newly formed stretch marks.

For existing stretch marks: the Crème B-Stria is our go-to cream - the B stands for ‘blanche’ which is ‘white’ in French. This time, the cream works to increase collagen and hyaluronic acid which will thicken the skin. It’s also important to smooth the skin out, and an injection of salicylic acid does just that.

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2. Target stubborn cellulite  


One of the most common body skin concerns is cellulite – no matter how much we exercise, sometimes it just won’t budge.

That’s because cellulite is confined areas of accumulated fat that are really hard to shift once they appear. We need to break down these excess fats to reduce the ‘orange peel’ appearance.

Crème Anti-C has been specially developed by Biologique Recherche to target cellulite. It is packed to the brim with 11 active ingredients which are specially formulated to breakdown and reduce the volume of the fat cells.  

You can simply target your areas of concern (these are usually on the thighs or bottom) with a generous amount of this cellulite treatment cream in the morning and before bed. Once again, use upward strokes with your body glove!

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3. REJUVENATE menopausal skin


As we experience pre-menopausal or menopausal symptoms, our skin starts to produce less protective and plumping collagen, making it appear thinner and feel more fragile.

The skin on our bodies is often covered and so is protected from pesky free radicals, but it can still become really dry, loose firmness (the neck, stomach and inside of the arms often suffer first) and skin can seem to become less supple than it once was.

In the Summer, we expose our bodies and therefore leave our skin open to attack from free radicals including UV rays.  

The Crème MSR-H Corps is a body lotion for menopausal skin, that will give mother nature a little helping hand. It is packed with shea butter and vitamin F to nourish the skin, Vitamin E and a specific BR oxygenating complex to protect the skin from free radical damage, mimosa and yam to regenerate the skin, and colostrum and hyaluronic acid to intensely moisturise the skin.


It will thicken, nourish and firm the skin – giving mother nature a little helping hand. Apply it morning and evening, to really give your skin a boost.

The right tools for the task in hand


Finally, let's arm ourselves with the right tools (after all, we wouldn’t try to paint a picture without brushes!). We have mentioned it a number of times already, and the Biologique Recherche Body Glove is in our arsenal of go-to tools.

It can be used again and again, and has two sides, one side with light bumps to stimulate the skin and increase the effectiveness of the products being used. The other has little exfoliating spikes, so it can be gently massaged in circles to give that extra burst of stimulation. Use it with all of your creams for extra oomph!


We hope that we have tackled some of your common body skin concerns. We urge you to be your most confident self and hope that with a little helping hand to tackle areas of concern, your Biologique Recherche body routine can help to give you a little boost!

If you have any questions about your skin and would like to speak to one of our expert advisors, simply give us a call or ping us an email and we would be delighted to assist.

Happy Summer, with love from EB x

By Embassy of Beauty