My Spring Skincare Routine

My Spring Skincare Routine

Hi Guys!

We are talking about my Spring Skincare routine using Biologique Recherche! How to brighten and illuminate the skin, how to combat the effects of pollution on the skin and how to even out our skin tone, whilst still hydrating the skin!

In this video, I go through all the new products in my routine which are packed full of essential amino acids, peptides, antioxidants, oxygenating ingredients and hydrating ingredients. From the cleansing stage, through to exfoliating, masking, through to serums, creams and finishing serums containing oils.

Oxidisation of the skin causes all sorts of problems from clogged pores, to dull and grey skin, to suffocated skin, to reactive skin ... so we really need to apply ingredients which will fight these oxidative effects!

Let's go with the GLOW!

I hope you enjoy the video!

Natalie xoxo

By Natalie Kingsley-Fieldgrass