Why SPF is Vital for Healthy Skin

Spring is here, and summer is right around the corner. Learn how UVA and UVB rays impact your skin and explore Embassy of Beauty’s range of sunscreen products to safeguard your skin this season. 

Menopause and The Skin

The “M” word, a word which many women have been taught to dread. And no, we’re not talking about “men”, at least not in this article. The word we’re referring to is menopause.   It seems that a condition that affects half the world’...

Find Your Perfect Match - Cleanser Edition

The groundwork. The foundation. The cleanse. Often misunderstood, hugely underrated. Our hope is that after reading this article, you understand just how important cleansing is in your overall skincare routine and make better cleans...

Natalie's Winter to Spring Skincare Routine

Get ready to refresh your skincare routine as we transition from winter to spring with Natalie Kingsley-Fieldgrass! Discover her top secrets and tricks for restoring radiance and combating dullness after the long winter months.