The importance of a skin consultation

The importance of a skin consultation

Wondering why the only way to purchase Biologique Recherche products is to take a skin consultation? This initial blog post should bring the answers you are looking for!


Biologique Recherche products are made of highly concentrated active ingredients and cannot be self-prescribed or they may cause undesired effects to the skin. Our main aim is to uncover the root cause of your concerns to tailor your skin care routine according to you specifically. As we all know “one size does not fit all” and we believe that great results can only be achieved by using the appropriately prescribed products according to your needs.

Your skin is constantly evolving. Whether due to hormonal, weather or diet changes – to only name a few factors - your skin will look and feel different. This is why Biologique Recherche speaks about Skin Instant® rather than skin type here; which is the condition of the skin at any given time.

Using products that are not recommended for your skin at that moment in time may result in skin imbalances or reactions. For instance, your skin will not need the same hydration and lipid level in summer than it requires during the colder season and using a rich, winter moisturiser during the hot months may lead to breakouts. Continuing to use in summer a rich moisturiser, that was prescribed to you during the colder season when your skin needed more lipids, may lead to breakouts.

To maintain a healthy, clear and radiant skin, we believe it is extremely important that your skin is assessed on a regular basis. We encourage you to take a new online consultation at least every three months - at each season change - when your skin may have different needs. Plus, as your skin changes and improves, your skin care routine will also require changing.

Our meticulous algorithm will recommend the most appropriated tailored beauty products and treatments for you right now.


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