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Timeless Beauty Rituals: A Modern Approach to Skincare


In the pursuit of beauty, humans have embraced various skincare rituals throughout history. From Cleopatra's milk baths in ancient Egypt to the olive oil-infused skincare routines in Ancient Rome, the art of skincare has evolved into a testament to our wellbeing, connecting us to the past of calm, reminiscent of luxurious traditions.  

When choosing skincare products, we not only address specific concerns like fine lines or dry patches but also subconsciously connect with the brand through packaging, colours, and ingredient selection. 

A Relaxing Beauty Ritual


For your relaxing beauty ritual, start with your surroundings, lower the lights, put on some calming music and light a candle or two. Trudon, renowned for its fragrances, understands the powerful connection between scents and the human subconscious. The Trudon Cyrnos candle, inspired by the gardens of the Cyrnos Vila in Provence conjures the scents of Mediterranean fig trees and lemon groves; surrounded by towering, enchanting pine trees. Mixed with the marine accords, this scent will take you to the South of France. 

With the room set, our next step is to exfoliate the body and the Nourishing Jade Scrub & Soak will offer a softening and smoothing experience, rub into the skin in circular motions and then immerse yourself in a warm bath for 20 minutes, or more. To make this experience extra indulgent, you could also use the Nourishing Coconut Milk Bath to bring on complete relaxation. 

Whilst Bathing

Whilst soaking, it’s time to apply a facemask. Try Balm K by Ayuna, a mask that is designed to even your skin tone and refine the texture of your skin, apply generously to the skin massage in circular movements, then lay back, take a deep breath and relax. 

Balm K


After your soak, indulge in the Aman Grounding Smoked Body Butter. This body butter, enriched with murumuru butter and buriti fruit oil, deeply moisturises and the jasmine absolute, magnolia and linden flower oils helps soothe inflammation. The smoky amber aroma leaves your skin softer and your emotions grounded, preparing you for the day or evening ahead. 

Grounding Smoked Body Butter


The Final Step

Our last step in this ritual is to nourish the face and neck with Ayuna’s Cream I, apply to skin and gently massage in. As this product adapts to your circadian rhythm, it can create a defence barrier after your morning ritual or enhance your skin’s restorative power if you choose to use this at night. 

Regardless of your schedule or product choices, understanding the connection between skincare and your senses enhances the experience. Taking time, even if only once a week, to honour the beauty rituals of the past is a form of respect for the efforts we make towards timeless beauty.

Cream I



 Thank you for reading and see you soon! 

By Natalie Kingsley-Fieldgrass

4 FEB 2024


By Natalie Kingsley-Fieldgrass