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White & Beige Creams Matching Your Skin Identity

If you’ve been lucky enough to try multiple products from the Biologique Recherche range of moisturisers, you would have noticed that some are white, while others are…. well, beige. You probably also got a whiff of that famous “scent” that the beige creams tend to have.  

Why do the creams differ in colour? And why do some of them smell like a bakery?  

To start with, each cream is formed from a different “base”. Think of this as the foundation of the moisturiser. From this base, additional ingredients are added to enhance their respective benefits and treat the desired Skin Instant.  

Let’s dive into the main properties of each base and what makes them special enough to have a Biologique Recherche moisturiser built off of their backs.

Beige Creams

When skin is healthy, it is also balanced. This means that the fundamental aspects of good skin are all in check, such as being free from acne, redness, irregular texture, etc. Beige creams work to help skin that is unbalanced become balanced. The main ingredient, yeast, plays a big role in aiding beige creams to get their job done thoroughly. It just so happens to be the source of that world-renowned aroma. Beige creams offer many benefits to unbalanced skin, such as:

1. Regulating pH Levels – Skin contains 30% water, which means it relies heavily on its pH levels. When the pH of skin is thrown off, it can manifest in various unwanted conditions, such as acne and irritation. Many oily Skin Instants veer into a pH level that is too acidic, promoting an environment for congestion and blemishes. Beige creams balance the pH of the skin, ensuring it works the way it needs to stay healthy, thus reducing the occurrence of breakouts over time.

  1. 2. Balancing sebum production – Another great benefit of beige creams is their ability to control just how much oil your skin secretes. Though this can’t be changed due to genetics, certain ingredients are great at reducing the amount of sebum with their regular use. Take, for example, birch wood and niacinamide found in Crème Iso-Placenta. Not only do they slick oil over time, but they also have pore-refining properties, leaving skin matte and shine-free.
  3. 3.Protecting skin biome – Beige creams are also wonderful at protecting the skin’s microbiome, which is the natural bacteria found on the skin that keeps it healthy. Many products can over-strip skin, leaving it irritated, and starting a vicious cycle of damage. On the other hand, our beige creams nourish and soothe the irritation unbalanced skin can experience, gently but effectively calming redness from breakouts. Our Crème VG Derm infuses skin with hyaluronic acid and other hydrating ingredients, such as sodium lactate, that keep skin hydrated, plump and dewy.

Crème Iso-Placenta


Crème VG Derm


White Creams

For people with already fairly balanced skin, but have concerns directed towards hydration, moisture, or pigmentation, we usually recommend the white creams. Formulated to rejuvenate dilapidated skin, white creams consist of a nourishing blend of botanical oils, butter, waxes and animal-derived or identical ingredients. These work hand in hand to KEEP balanced skin balanced, while also targeting specific Skin Instant concerns. Properties of white creams include:  

  1.   1. Enhancing barrier function – Skin comprises a moisture barrier that not only keeps the good stuff in but also the bad stuff out. When skin barrier function is affected negatively, this can sometimes manifest in dehydrated skin. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid are naturally found in skin cells but are depleted either through ageing or extrinsic factors.

  2. 2. Regenerates compromised skin – Oils such as cotton, cranberry and jojoba, all found in Crème Dermo-RL, aid in forming a protective layer on compromised, dry and flaking skin. This extra layer of protection allows the skin to repair itself from within. Think of it as a shield; when this is applied on the skin, not only does it prevent further damage, but it also assists in amplifying your skin’s own normal levels of moisture and hydration, thereby keeping it balanced and healthy.

  3. 3. Complexion brightening – White creams are also superb at brightening up skin tones. When skin is dry, it can also appear dull and devitalised. Vitamin C is wonderful for evening skin and correcting pigment irregularities. Crème Grand Millesime features a stabilised vitamin C in the form of ascorbyl glucoside. This stellar ingredient, paired with mimosa and alfalfa, endues skin with a glow while also providing antioxidant benefits.


Crème Dermo-RL


Crème Grand Millesime


When you visit the Embassy of Beauty, the first thing we do is analyse your current Skin Instant. We believe that skin is in constant change, as regularly as multiple times per day. This means that you may need a beige cream in the morning and a white cream at night. Although this is not always the case, it is important to understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach with Biologique Recherche moisturisers. Ensuring you use the right products at the right time will guide your skin to be as balanced and rejuvenated as possible.

Thank you for reading, and we will see you soon!

By Natalie Kingsley-Fieldgrass

06 NOV 2023


By Natalie Kingsley-Fieldgrass