La Grande Crème, the innovation of the year


The Embassy of Beauty and Biologique Recherche introduces La Grande Crème!


La Grande Crème is Biologique Recherche's newest innovation and it has surpassed all expectations!

In 2017, the Gene Expression Laboratory in San Diego made a major discovery in the area of cellular reprogramming; they uncovered the fact that we are not only able to block ageing, but reverse DNA damage and rejuvenate cells. This is really what we have all been wanting, and waiting for!

This DNA research has enabled Biologique Recherche to unlock and identify the EpigenActiv©, which is a peptide that acts on the expression of genes involved in the skin's ageing process by promoting genuine tissue regrowth, and to give birth to the ultimate anti-ageing skincare: La Grande Crème!



Restructuring & Volumising




Promotes epidermal regeneration to strengthen and restructure the skin.

Restores the skin's barrier, so the skin is much more resistant.




      Structure & Volume

      Helps combat skin sagging and has a lifting effect, to re-sculpt the facial contour.

      Plumping active ingredients fill in wrinkles and add volume and cushioning for a younger and more harmonious skin.






      The active ingredients regulate the expression of
      progerin, a marker of senescence that accumulates
      with age, in order to smooth facial features and
      reduce the size and depth of established wrinkles.

      Thanks to anti-glycation active ingredients, collagen
      and elastin fiber alteration is reduced, limiting how
      many signs of ageing appear.







      Improves Viscoelasticity for a toned and firmed skin.








      Our active ingredients protect the mitochondrial DNA and the epidermal stem cells. They also prevent the degradation of the collagen and elastin fibers, as well as the extracellular matrix to improve the quality of the skin barrier.

      Has anti-free-radical properties which combat the harsh external factors and preserve epidermal quality.







      Reduces existing pigmentation irregularities

      Evens out and lightens the complexion, leaving it radiant and illuminated.






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