Caring for your skin whilst travelling

The sun, the warm air caressing our skin, the bright energetic days, the long indulgent evenings… The summer is a lovely time of year, and we all try to make the absolute most of it.

Summer is also the time of year where we like to take more time off, to travel! Whether it’s taking a train for a wonderful long week-end in the Cotswolds, driving down to the south of France (and stopping on the way to visit the multitude of quaint little villages and sampling their finest cheeses and wines!) or jetting down to romantic Italy; wherever we’re going, we’re definitely going in the summer!

The actual act of travelling (not the destination) is an enjoyment for some, and a necessary evil for others, it depends on what you enjoy! But our skin very rarely enjoys it unfortunately. The changes in atmosphere, in weather, in food, being in a cabin with stale air … all these things affect our skin in a negative way. We’re all realising this now, and I’ve seen everything from passengers on flights applying bright green masks to their faces, slipping on hand masks and even performing mini facials on themselves. This all may seem odd to some, but we’re only trying to combat the effects of travelling. There are easier and more inconspicuous ways of doing it though…

The main things we should focus on protecting ourselves from whilst travelling are the 3 Ds:

Dehydration, Dullness and Dryness

We’ve spoken about dryness and dehydration quite a lot recently, and through speaking to my clients everyday, I’ve learnt that it’s one of the most difficult things to balance effectively, but once we and you understand your skin, it becomes a cinch! If you haven’t already cast your eyes on our previous blog about this, please click here.

Dehydration, dullness and dryness can creep up on you, especially during flights. The recycled, stale cabin air sucks all the moisture out of your skin, quite literally! You might have realised that your skin may become tighter during flights, blotchy, a little flaky, dull or even a little itchy. 

The best way to combat these effects immediately, or even to avoid them altogether is to HALO :

  • Hydrate
  • Anti-Oxidise
  • Lipidate
  • Oxygenate
  1. Hydrate

Hydrate your skin and hydrate your body. Drink lots of fluids (not wine) … I know, we’re always told to drink lots of water, it can get repetitive, but it’s true. If you keep adequately hydrated whilst travelling, it will help your body, but it will also plump your skin, smooth your skin and prevent tightness. A quick, easy and secretive way of doing this is by simply spritzing L’eauxygénante on your skin throughout your travels. Not only is it super refreshing, but it’s also calming and packed with hyaluronic acid to immediately and inconspicuously hydrate your skin.


  1. Anti-Oxidise (we’re sticking with it!)

Anti-oxidants have become quite the buzz, and that’s because not only are they super healthy for our body, but they’re super brightening for our skin as well! A child once explained to me that he understood anti-oxidants to be like these little soldiers which are fighting the naughty and unwelcomed invaders which enter our bodies, and he was quite right too! Free radicals have a multitude of negative effects on our bodies and our skin, including but not limited to: quickening our ageing process, tiredness, auto-immune diseases, dull and lifeless skin, hair greying and hair loss. I know, not pretty! Which is why we’re guzzling down all these blueberry and kale concoctions, and eating much more healthily to prevent these unwanted effects. But we can also lend our skin an extra helping hand. The Sérum Oligo-Protéines Marines is one of our strongest anti-oxidant products, it contains Malachite as well as Algae extracts to really push those invaders back!


  1. Lipidate (adding fats to the skin)

Lipids are fats which will not only nourish your skin, but they will also create a barrier, keeping the moisture in and not letting it out. If your skin tends to get a little flaky, this is your key! However, should you have an oilier tendency to your skin, you are already naturally gifted with these, so no need to add more! But, if you don’t have them in abundance, you can find them in ingredients such as botanical and biological oils, ceramides and cholesterols. A fantastic and easy product to apply whilst travelling to protect and nourish your skin (and one of our best-sellers) is the Crème Masque Vernix. This nifty little dual product can be used as both a cream or a mask, it’s translucent so invisible, and whilst on flights I always recommend to use it as a thick cream. So lay it on thick, sit back and let your skin relax with this one!


  1. Oxygenate (breathe)

This is one of my absolute favourites! When we do a little exercise, we feel so much better afterwards; we feel more awake, more supple and our cheeks are a little flushed. This is because our heart rate has increased, thus pumping more blood throughout our body. Our oxygenating products work in very much the same way! They increase blood flow to the areas we apply them to, thus providing us with a much fresher and more awakened skin. Think of it as cardio, but for your skin, and without having to leave your bathroom! All of our products within the VIP02 range will do this for you, but my absolute favourite has always been the Lait VIP O2. It’s a cleansing milk, but it’s far from simple. It’s easy to travel with, and the best thing about it is that you can cleanse with it once (to remove all that dirt and grime), but the second cleanse can be left on for 5 – 10 minutes and can act as a mask. So, stay in that cabin toilet just a little longer, and you will feel your skin get a little warm and tingly, just like if you were working out, but you’re not moving! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!




Our eyes are the windows into our souls. Through them, we can look tired, we can look older, we can look sad OR we can look energetic and awake, youthful and happy!

I always think that eyecare is so very important, and keeping our eye areas de-puffed, light, smooth and hydrated is one of the biggest anti-ageing secrets of all! I absolutely adore the Patchs Défatigants, they’re fairly new, but they made a BIG impact, and for travelling they’re fantastic! These eye patches will literally fulfil your every need when it comes to eyecare, and they’re super simple to apply. Simply pop on these translucent eye patches for 15-20 minutes (don’t fall asleep with them on or you might be puffier than when you first started, they’re VERY effective) and you will not only feel more awake, but you’ll look it too!


Following the simple steps we’ve discussed will surely deter those nasty side effects of travelling, leaving you to enjoy your long awaited wonderful holidays!


By Embassy of Beauty