Celebrating Mothers: Gorgeous Gifting Ideas

Celebrating Mothers: Gorgeous Gifting Ideas

March is an incredibly important time for women, and to celebrate them. With International Women’s Day on the 8th and Mother’s Day on the 27th, what better time is there to treat the important women in your life, or even yourself for that matter. With the change to British Summer Time finally arriving, personally, I think we all deserve a treat for making it through what felt like an incredibly dark and gloomy winter – and our skin needs it too!

In this issue of the E-Mag, we’ll be sharing the Embassy of Beauty’s recommendations for excellent gifts for the women that deserve them, and the products we think they pair flawlessly with!

Fragrance is the essential final step in the beauty regime of any woman, and Ayuna’s DOJO with its mood enhancing abilities is a unique option to add to any collection. Awarded winner of the Best Body Fragrance in the Organics Clean Awards 2021, Ayuna’s DOJO is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

What sets DOJO apart from conventional perfumes is the fact that its formula is of 100% natural origin and is 65.2% organic, which are extremely rare percentages in the market compared to other products in the same category. Designed to spark joy and positively stimulate the senses, it is a lasting and authentic fragrance. A clinical study featuring this perfume verified its effectiveness, confirming DOJO creates a positive response after application to the skin.

A gentle dab of DOJO penetrates and vanishes into the skin, making this fragrance uniquely yours. Ayuna’s DOJO was created because of people loving the scent of their products so much. Ayuna’s Beautifulness Cocktail – a concoction of natural aromatic essential oils: gurjum balm, holy wood, myrrh, chamomile, rosemary and buchu – is the foundation. Added Texas cedar, rose and guaiac adds further depth, transforming their signature scent into this powerful perfume. The scent is described as having fruity top notes, a floral heart, and a warm, woody base.

The dojo leaves you feeling positive and empowered.

The perfect pairing when discussing those finishing touches is a nourishing lip balm and, Biologique Recherche’s Biokiss is a favourite here at the Embassy of Beauty.

With lasting results and a treatment like finish, Biokiss offers both regenerating and protective care with a formula based on shea butter, white beeswax, plant-based polyglycerides and triglycerides. With an impressive list of active ingredients focussing on lipid-reconditioning, repairing, and hydrating, Biokiss works to both restore and maintain the condition of your lips. Plant-based polyglycerides and triglycerides work to hydrate the lips, diminishing fine lines caused by dehydration and adding plumpness to the lips. Secondly, ingredients like white beeswax and jojoba help to restore the hydrolipidic film, preventing flaking skin. Finally, Shea butter and Lanolin work as occlusive ingredients, helping to prevent water loss. Basically, this means all the goodness and hydration is kept in the lips, and they are also protected from external aggressors, like the climate.

Packaged in a travel-friendly container, Biokiss is the perfect gift for an on-the-go treatment for the lips.




Every skincare routine needs an excellent cream, and Ayuna’s Cream III Is the ultimate luxurious barrier for the skin.

A supreme emulsion that promotes longevity, improves mood, and treats the skin. Cream III transforms and melts perfectly into the skin. Based on an active texture, delicate and soft while sensual and luxurious, it creates a noticeable velvety film that soothes, moisturises, and cares for skin with an immediate sensation of well-being and tensibility.

Reinforced with lipid-replenishing Jojoba and Rice Bran Waxes that moisturise, smooth wrinkles, add density and relax the skin. Cannabis Sativa Cell Cultures and Turmeric Cell Cultures help to visibly diminish the signs of fatigue, anxiety, and stress; specifically targeting deep stress wrinkles.

Scented with Ayuna’s Beautifulness Cocktail of natural aromatic essential oils, including chamomile, rosemary and buchu, Cream III will send you on your way to visibly nourished and lusciously supple skin.

Next, the notorious Cellular Oil. This is Ayuna’s best-selling product and is ideal for dehydrated and/or dry skin. It is to be used after the Balm and is a powerful revitalizing serum-in-oil that softens and brightens the skin while triggering the skin’s rejuvenation process. The Cellular Oil provides the skin with micro-lipids found in stem cells obtained from the Acebuche tree, i.e., the Millennial Wild Olive Tree.

When applied to the skin, the Cellular Oil triggers the cellular rejuvenation cycle of the skin by activating mitochondrial fusion which in turn generates and recycles energy, and this in even the most adverse circumstances (including hormonal ageing). With 44% organic ingredients and a pleasant texture that easily absorbs, the Cellular Oil is designed to revitalize all skin types. Instantly, the skin radiates luminosity and beauty. It becomes firmer and healthier. Signs of fatigue are diminished, and the skin enjoys increased elasticity and flexibility, greater comfort, velvet-like softness and smoothed out wrinkles.




Many of us may have extensive skincare regimes, however the regime for the body can often be forgotten (despite being equally as important!). For those addicted to body care, or the people that have every product for their face and not their body, these are our recommendations.

Biologique Recherche’s MSR-H Corps. This wonderous body cream hones in on reviving and regenerating skins experiencing menopausal changes. This anti-ageing cream stimulates the synthesis if collagen for a visibly plumper and more toned finish. More than just an anti-ageing cream though, MSR-H Corps is amazing at illuminating and hydrating the skin.

The Biologique Recherche Crème MSR-H Corps contains prime ingredients such as yam extract, soya isoflavones and chitosan to produce a skin seriously smooth with an optimum level of hydration and comfort. This cream also contains hyaluronic acid, an amazing ingredient for moisturising. It can be found naturally in our skin and behaves like a sponge, soaking up all the moisture and goodies. It can bind up to 1000x its own weight in water, meaning it provides optimal hydration to the skin.

Skin will be left firmer, tightened, hydrated, and illuminated.

Lipogen AC is the perfect product for refining the skin, leaving a smooth appearance, even under a magnifying glass.

This anti-cellulite body oil reforms the body instantaneously. It redefines the figure, increases firmness and smooths the appearance of orange peel skin, leaving cellulite and adipose fat visibly improved.

The Biologique Recherche Lipogen AC is loaded with wild ginger, pink peppercorn, and macadamia oil, tackling stubborn fatty deposits and diminishing the appearance of the orange peel effect. Apply in the morning and evening onto the areas to be treated, with upward movements, then use the Massage Glove to enhance the dissemination of active ingredients and eliminate the remaining dimples.

Figures will be left redefined, firmed, smoothed, and rejuvenated.




For the women that desire something extra special and luxurious, La Grande Crème and Le Grand Serum are the ultimate skincare products. Boasting unbeatable collections of active ingredients and providing a never-ending list of benefits to the skin, they are the products that do it all.

The first of its kind in the world!

DNA research has finally made it possible to turn back the clock on all the ageing effects caused by environmental factors. A total innovation in the world of professional cosmetics. La Grande Crème targets all age-related phenomena. It acts on the expression on genes involved in the cutaneous aging process to promote genuine cellular regrowth. Biologique Recherche identified and selected EpigenActiv, a peptide that acts on EGF (or growth factor) receptors, essential to regenerate tissues and recycle degraded proteins.

This science-driven cream is the fruit of years of research and development. It rejuvenates cells, improves the skin’s elasticity and plumpness, reduces pigmentation, and restructures the facial contours like no other.

La Grande Crème contains the greatest number of concentrated active ingredients ever used in a Biologique Recherche product. Epigenetic research (the study of genes) enabled scientists to identify the properties of EpigenActiv in an anti-ageing skincare product. This peptide acts on Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) receptors.

This pioneering cream tackles all age-related phenomena and will leave your skin toned, smooth, protected, radiant and even.

As precious as gold!

The sublimating elixir has the most sophisticated formula of all Biologique Recherche products. It tackles all facets of ageing and is the ultimate in illuminating, hydrating, and rejuvenating the skin.

Absolute elixir, Le Grand Serum is composed of an innovative combination of 27 anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, firming and regenerating ingredients, protecting the skin throughout the entire day. Highly effective, TelomerActiv improves telomere stability and longevity to help prevent the irreversible accumulation of cell ageing markers. This revolutionary anti-senescence active ingredient slows the cell ageing process and increases collagen production. Its regenerating action stimulates and regenerates support tissues to reactive cellular metabolism. Its formula also contains anti-wrinkle active ingredients to fight the signs of ageing. It immediately promotes muscle relaxation and neutralises muscle contractions responsible for facial expression wrinkles

Le Grand Serum has been crafted with over 90% active ingredients to enhance glow and defend the skin against internal and external aggressors. A true complexion revealer, it bathes the skin in golden light and restores incomparable radiance.

For those who look for organic and vegan-friendly skincare products or are looking to start their journey into vegan skincare, Ayuna is a perfect place to start! Ayuna’s Essence and Balm are the ultimate combo for treating your skin and leaving it glowing!

Uncover smooth, silky skin with Essence. This grain-free gommage gently polishes the skin using chemical and manual exfoliation. More than just a peel, Essence is a multifunctional 3-in-1 exfoliating mask that uncovers silky, smooth skin. It is prepared from 52% organic ingredients and is perfect for all skin types. It works as a dual-acting formula, chemical and manual exfoliation, and finishes by nourishing through oleo-essence.

Essence goes on at first as a protein peel, removes as a gentle gommage polish and then transforms into a serum of organic olive oil. This process promotes extraordinary skin renewal, unveiling luminous skin, evening out the skin tone, and leaving the complexion appearing visibly younger.

Dull skin is awakened, the appearance is rejuvenated, and the skin is left feeling remarkably soft to the touch.

For radiant skin and a healthy glow Ayuna’s Balm is an absolute must.

Rich in Volcanic Glass and Active Carbon, the Ayuna Balm is a powerfully detoxifying mask that draws out impurities, lessens sensitivity and leaves the skin feeling luscious. With fruit oil & squalene to hydrate, charcoal, volcanic glass, lemon fruit water and probiotics, the mask lessens the skin’s sensitivity, draws out impurities and leaves luscious feeling.

Formulated with Pullulan, a natural sugar, the Balm creates a hydrating and tightening film that lifts, refines, and diminishes signs of ageing all the while enhancing the skin’s natural ability to protect itself.

With its velvety texture, pitch-black colour, glossy finish, and the inclusion of Ayuna’s beautifulness cocktail, you’ll be sure to enjoy it as a detoxifying mask, an instant under-eye lift, or a purifying spot treatment.

Shop for your Mother’s Day gifts in store at the Embassy of Beauty or online at embassyofbeauty.co.uk

By Martin van Vuuren