Is your skin going a little mad recently? Is it suddenly a bit tight, dry, flaky or even oily?

So many of our clients are arriving into our clinic really disconcerted and concerned with their skin, and not understanding what is going on! A few examples we’ve had this week are:

A pimple just landed right there! And I don’t even get pimples!


My skin is so dry when I come out of the shower, that I feel like emptying an entire pot of cream onto my face


And the most notorious of all is:

I have redness and dry patches, and I don’t even have sensitive skin!

The frustration is palpable…

When the seasons change, it always takes time for our skin to acclimatise, whether it be between Winter and Spring, Spring and Summer or Summer and Autumn, but the harshest and most tangible change is always between Autumn and Winter. The weather goes from a temperate rainy climate to a cold, windy and harsh climate, whilst indoors we are blasting our homes and offices with heat. This all makes for an extremely confused and sensitised skin!

Our skin just doesn’t know what to do! And it’s also a balancing act to know how to de-sensitise it and regulate it. We don’t want to make the skin overly oily, but at the same time, we want to inject enough nourishment and hydration so that it doesn’t get dry or dehydrated.

One of the key things here, is to enhance and strengthen our protective shield, otherwise known as our acid mantle. If you’re not familiar with this super important and natural armour we have on our skin, I have spoken about it in a previous blog, so just click here and you can read all about it!


Whilst strengthening our skin is absolutely fundamental, we also need to calm it down and provide it with a little TLC. So introducing some repairing, anti-inflammatory and gentle products into our skincare regime is also essential. Let’s get rid of those red and dry patches, which are not only signs of irritation to our skin, but are also irritants to us!


  • The first step is to remove any products we’re currently using on our skin which contain strong fragrances or alcohol, as they are irritants. Let’s use them on our bodies instead, as our skin is thicker there and no one like to waste!
  • The second step is to calm down on acids. If sensitivity is rearing its head, use your acids once a day (preferably in the evening) instead of twice. You might also consider switching to a milder but still extremely effective formulation such as the Lotion P50W, as it also contains soothing arnica! And lastly, you might want to think twice about applying it to the entire face, maybe leave out the sensitised areas and concentrate on the healthier and stronger skin?
  • The third step is to heal, help reconstruct and repair the skin. When the skin is sensitised, it’s like having many micro open wounds, so we need to repair them and seal them!

Here are a few of our absolute saviours for a Winter Sensitised Skin:


The Masque Biosensible


This refreshing and calming little beauty will not only soothe the skin, dampen down the redness and tenderly hydrate it, but it will most importantly strengthen it. The Biosensible Range, which also includes our Micellar Water, contains active ingredients that actually work on the immune system of our skin, so it gradually strengthens it, eventually making it immune to sensitisation. Like a little daily dose of vitamin C to prevent you from catching a cold! A little tip we also use, is that we keep this particular mask in the fridge, to enhance the calming properties and further soothe irritation and redness.



The Sérum Erythros


This ruby-tinted liquor is one of our most powerful weapons within our anti-redness arsenal. It’s the most calming and redness-relief formulation we have. Not only is it extremely soothing and repairing, but it is also fantastically effective at making visible capillaries on our skin disappear. These wriggly little veins which tend to appear on the highs of our cheeks and around our noses, normally emerge in the colder months (due to this damn sensitisation we’ve been discussing). The Sérum Erythros will work on tightening the walls of the veins themselves, so that they are less limp, and they will naturally fall to where they are supposed to be, instead of flailing near the top of our skin and being visible to all! This particular serum is a treatment product, so it will take some time before you will see any changes, but apply it every morning and evening for a month, and save your skin from the abrasive laser!


The Crème Echinoderm au Complexe Bio-Marin


One of our most popular creams, the Crème Echinoderm au Complexe Bio-Marin, (Crème Echinoderm for short as it’s just easier!) is the absolute solution for those of us who tend to have an oilier tendency to our skin and are feeling the blotchiness. It injects a little hydration, it offers a little nourishment, but not too much, and it contains a little bit of yeast which will ever so gently purify the skin. The Specific Bio-Marine Complex is an expert at equalising the skin, evening it out and giving you one smooth colour throughout, to the point where you will want to add that little bit of blusher on your cheeks!



The Sérum T.E.W.L.


Ever so popular at this time of year, I have raved about it in the blog mentioned above, as it reinforces your natural protective shield. The Sérum T.E.W.L. is the only oil-based serum we offer, however it really does pack a punch! If you have any oily tendency to your skin whatsoever, this is definitely not for you! However, if you suffer from a drier tendency to your skin, and if your skin feels particularly wretched in the winter, it will be because your skin is vulnerable, and you need more lipids (which are fats) to protect your skin. If you’re reading this and thinking “she’s talking about me!” the Sérum T.E.W.L. is your skin rescuer! You could either add a few drops to your cream or you could add a few drops on top of your cream. Try both and see which you prefer!


The Crème Masque Vernix


Lastly, but surely not least, one of my absolute favourites! The Crème Masque Vernix is a pioneering mask and cream which is THE answer for dry and sensitised skins. Supremely repairing, enormously nourishing and a powerful protective guard against the cold. If you tend to experience eczema during the colder months, after applying this cream for a week, it will quite literally disappear. I cannot recommend it enough, but again, it’s not for those of us who tend to have any oily tendency to our skin as it is extremely rich. The Crème Masque Vernix can be used as either a mask or a cream, but I tend to recommend to apply it in the evening, and apply a little thicker layer than you would usually apply cream, and you will wake up to a lusciously and unbelievably soft and plump skin.


This is a very confusing time for our skin, and for us! So we hope that we’ve cleared a few things up, but if we haven’t answered all of your questions, or if you’re still wondering about a few things which are more individual to your skin,

Please do visit the Embassy of Beauty, email us or call us.

Your skin is particular to you, no skin is the same, and no one is the same.