How To Really Care for your Skin in the Sun

The long-awaited Summer is finally here!

We’ve been able to switch from jumpers to T-shirts, from trousers to Capri pants and from boots to lighter shoes! What a relief! Our energy levels are heightened, our hair is more vibrant and our skin is clearer, bronzed and more lustrous, all thanks to the beautiful sun.

With all good things, we must always be careful not to indulge too much. My mother always said that “A little bit of everything is healthy, but a lot of one thing isn’t”. This also applies to the sun; so we must prepare for sun exposure, protect from sun exposure and repair after sun exposure.


Our general rule of thumb for skincare in the sun:

  • Cut out all exfoliating Acids from your skincare routine

The main role of Exfoliating acids is to help our skin to shed its older layers, but now that we’re putting our faces in the sun, we need those extra layers for that added protection! If we exfoliate, we risk a more sensitised skin, blotchy skin and worst of all …. Pigmentation!! So lovingly place your Lotion P50 back into the cupboard, it will still be there when you get back from holiday.

  • Hydrate

We tend to drink a lot more water in the summer because it’s hotter, and our skin also needs more hydration for the same reasons. So look for Hyaluronic Acid rich products, such as the Emulsion Originelle Régénérante, the Crème Grand Millésime or the silky Emulsion Gel Biosensible (my favourite on holiday!). Read more about hydration here.

  • Use Suncare

Our favourite skincare brand, Biologique Recherche, has come up with a fantastic “Solar Trio System” to account for our every sun need. So say goodbye to burning, ciao to dry skin and au revoir to dull skin!

The ideology behind this system is to harness as much of the benefits of the sun as possible, but to repel as much of the negatives as possible.

Let’s break it down.


Préparation U.V.

The Préparation U.V. is formulated to prepare the skin for the sun. In doing so, it’s main functions are the following:

  • Stimulates melanin synthesis

It’s widely researched now, that if your skin is exposed to the sun on a more regular basis, as opposed to just once or twice a year, it tends to be stronger and burn less. So this formulation stimulates the pigment in your skin, in advance, to accept the rays more equally. Basically, it’s less of a hard whack from the sun on your skin, so you’re less prone to burning.

  • Stimulates proteasome activity

We all now understand that the sun can cause pesky pigmentation, if we don’t take care of our skin properly. The biggest problem with pigmentation, is that it’s so hard to get rid of it, so prevention is really key here! Stimulating the proteasomes in our skin beforehand, actually reduces the rate of protein oxidisation in the skin, which is the cause of pigmentation. So this nifty ingredient will prevent pigmentation!

The Préparation U.V. should be applied once a day, for a minimum of 1 month prior to sun exposure so that it can work its magic best.

Protection U.V.

The Protection U.V is not only an SPF for the face, but it’s also a powerful anti-ageing cream. Its main actions are the following:

  • Wide spectrum of protection

The Protection U.V. protects against UVA, UVB and infrared rays with the help of the “Triple Shield Complex”. It has an SPF of 25, which is a medium sun protection, and it’s also water resistant.

  • Anti-Pigmentation & Anti-Ageing

The Protection U.V also prevents oxidisation of the skin, and contains a powerful Anti-Glycation ingredient, which will actually prevent the skin from ageing. A touch of our much-loved Sérum A-Glyca is infused into this little beauty!

  • Hydration & Soothing

We all need to keep our skin hydrated in the sun, no one wants to shrivel up like a prune!

Apply the Protection U.V. every 2-3 hours whilst lazing in the sun and transform into a bronzed god.

Réparation U.V.

The Réparation U.V. is not your run of the mill after sun, it’s a super intelligent formulation which will allow you to keep your tan for longer and prevent that dreaded peeling! Its main actions are the following:

  • Repairing & Soothing

Who hasn’t indulged in the sun for that little bit too long? Fallen asleep? Getting to that really good bit in your book? Stayed a little longer than you should have? We’re all guilty of that! But we’ve all gotten a little bit burnt as well … this is when we need to Repair the skin and soothe it as quickly as possible otherwise, we’re prone to peeling!

  • Anti-Oxidant

We all want as many anti-oxidants as we can get nowadays, but have you ever seen the difference between a lustrous and healthy tan, and a dull tan? This will be due to oxidisation. So pump up those anti-oxidants, and even more so when you’re in the sun!

  • Hydrating & Relipidating

Many of my clients often ask what the difference is between Hydrating and Relipidating. Hydrating is adding water into the skin, and Relipidating is adding fats into the skin. Some of our products are purely hydrating, some of them are purely Relipidating and some of them are both, like this one! Both of these actions help our skin to be plump, smooth, soft and healthy. I will be discussing more about the differences between Hydrating and Relipidating in an upcoming piece, so stay tuned!

  • Anti-Ageing

Just like the Protection U.V., this formulation also contains high concentrations of Anti-Glycation agents, which not only prevents skin ageing, but also rewinds the clock on our skin. I absolutely adore this ingredient!!

The Réparation U.V. is to be applied to the skin daily, every evening after sun exposure, and for a minimum of a month post sun exposure, to keep your skin conditioned and to prevent peeling.



By Embassy of Beauty