Lift and tone

Lift and tone

As we get older, we feel more comfortable in our skin, and we believe that you should feel more comfortable with your skin too.

In our last E-Mag series, we trekked through the jungle of anti-ageing skincare, carefully unravelling why our skin ages and how. From Epigenetics to Glycation, we got our lab coats out and took a leap into the science behind the skincare.
Today, in part two of our anti-ageing series, let’s take our lab coats off, and get our trainers on as we head to the face gym.

We will explore how we can create a visible lift to the contours of our face with a series of clever products and techniques.

The common things that we get asked are how to:

  • Lift the contours of the face
  • Tighten the appearance of skin
  • Plump the skin
  • Smooth the eyes

In our younger years, we seemed to survive on three hours of sleep and ping out of bed full of life. As we mature, our skin doesn’t quite play ball in the same way. We long to feel that lift in the contours of the face, and sometimes we need to give our skin a helping hand, especially around our jaw line which seems to suffer most from dropping with age.

With age, we have less collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and the skin becomes less supple. As a result, our skin structure is modified, causing it to sag. Cells responsible for storing fat in the body (and the fullness of the face) slow down starting in early menopause. This results in the sagging of the lower face. The good news is, there are a plethora of products that we can apply topically to create a lifted appearance. Let’s explore them!

Plump your face - without injectables

As we look at old pictures and chuckle at the chubby cheeks we had in younger years, we wonder why we didn’t quite appreciate the plumpness that came with an abundance of collagen. What we would give for that now!

‘Have you had injectables?’ My Husband said as he eyed me suspiciously over dinner last week. Little did he know, but my face hadn’t been near any Botox, and there wasn’t a filler in sight. My secret pick-me-up was an EB facial (the Soin Lotion M.C. 110 to be precise).

Our therapist used a Parisian vibratory massage technique, which gave me a visible lift when she treated half of my face first to show me the difference. The trick (I found out later) was that these techniques had stimulated elastin and collagen and given me an incredible facelift which lasted.

Next time, I’ll be sure to add on the Soin Contour des Yeux, which specifically targets eye fatigue (from which we all seem to suffer from to varying degrees as we age – even without the late nights!). Our therapists use drainage and acupressure to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles in this relaxing 30-minute treatment.

An instant facelift

As we lose tone in the jawline, we want to lift the jaw contour area. These beauties are the EB pick of the best jawline lifting products.  

Sérum VG Tensil SHOP HERE

A few drops of Sérum VG Tensil daily will give the jawline an instant boost, as it restores the fibrous network and gives cells a kick start. It’s the clever little Rye Seed Extract that boosts the skin and restores its lifting properties. Yes please!

Serum Matricel Visage SHOP HERE

The Sérum Matricel Visage is another powerful contouring serum, and the perfect antidote for sallow skin, it intensifies volume in the cheeks thanks to Peony Extract and sets back the jaw and neck with tension thanks to the Cassava Extract. The result? A reduced appearance of wrinkles and a stimulated elastin (aka. giving us a facelift).

Biomagic MaskSHOP HERE

We all want to feel extra special when we head out for a special dinner. Before we don our Manolos and spritz a sumptuous fragrance, pop on the Biomagic Mask. It will instantly lift, tone and brighten the skin. The white clay purifies and tones, whilst the corn oil regenerates and softens, leaving us perfectly ready to be snapped from any angle.

Pop these products into your daily routine  

Luckily, we can enhance our skincare regime at home with topical ingredients. For an instant lift, our masks are filled with intense nourishing ingredients, instantly and intensely plumping and softening the complexion. The Masque Biologique Féerie is loaded with abundant marine collagen for its filling action. This unctuous and gelatinous loveliness provides moisture combined with tightening and firming properties for a rejuvenated, bright. plumped and refreshed skin.

The Sérum Collagène Natif is injected with biological collagen, resulting in a skin that is plumper, and more structured and rejuvenated. This intense treatment not only plumps the skin for youthful volume, but also helps retain moisture in the skin. Team it with the Crème Splendide, which is packed with biological extracts to restructure facial contours whilst ensuring the skin stays healthy and plump.

The Crème Contour Yeux et Lèvres Biofixine immediately smooths and lifts the eye area, filling in any fine lines and wrinkles thanks to a fusion of toning cassava extract, plumping complex of matrikines and youth-inducing hyaluronic acid.

Pamper night

You know that sort of night - you have the house to yourself, the candles are on and you have a chilled glass of wine in hand. You could really do with banishing the signs of a long day (or week, month, or year...) with a lovely face mask whilst your feet are up.

Masque Creme Biofixine SHOP HERE

The Masque Crème Biofixine will smooth out, plump and soften fine lines with the help of green anise extract and our BR oxygenating complex. This tightening mask stretches the skin until unwanted lines and wrinkles lose their depth – Botox from the comfort of your sofa. You're welcome!

We've covered lift, tighten, plump and sooth - and we hope you've enjoyed travelling on another skincare journey with us.

Anti-ageing skincare products can be confusing, so we hope that we’ve cleared a few things up in this edition of the E-Mag, but if we haven’t answered all of your questions, or if you’re still wondering about a few things which are more individual to your skin, we would be delighted to help you, simply give us a call on 020 3358 9997 or click the button below to consult our skin experts.

By Embassy of Beauty