The New Year's Resolution Issue

The New Year's Resolution Issue

Welcome to the New Years’ Resolution Issue!

In this E-Mag we are going to pin down five simple skincare resolutions to be tried in this wonderful year of 2020!

Now I know what you’re thinking, same year, same resolutions…

Well not this year! I am going to give you just five fabulous tips to achieve better skin! And trust me, these will be easy to stick to because it will become part of your daily routine, which really just ends up becoming a part of you!

A good skincare routine means glowing skin and if you’re anything like me, then glowing skin means a good mood which sets you up for a great day! Now how do we achieve this?

Resolution number 1: Double Cleanse!

Why is double cleansing so important?

In the winter, we turn up that central heating dial, and our skin becomes dehydrated and dead skin cells build up. We then have more clogged pores and blackheads, properly cleansing the skin softens the skin and helps to release any trapped build up that accumulates and gets stuck.

It is also important as throughout the day your skin attracts bacteria and pollution and if not washed away properly, could potentially contribute to generally unhealthy dull skin, ageing and breakouts. The best way to stop this from happening? Double cleansing!

YIKES! Someone pass me the cleanser stat! But which one and most importantly, how!?

Here's how: Apply your Biologique Recherche cleanser (which one will be determined below) with fingers or with the BR Face Glove to face, neck, and décolleté, using light circular upwards movements (don’t drag downwards, we don’t want to create more gravity!). Remove with slightly moist pads or rinse off with cold water. Repeat steps to complete a double cleanse.

Now onto deciding which one!

If you’re a little sensitive … (it’s ok, I am too) then I would recommend:

Lait U

Skin Instants®: Oily Tendencies and/or Sensitive Skins

This is THE cleanser for any redness and/or sensitivity and amazingly oiliness too! Did you know that oils attract oils like a magnet and actually remove them from your skin!? Me neither!

This cleanser contains the antioxidant agent Wheat Germ Extract which helps to banish impurities. Lait U also contains nourishing and soothing agents such as hazelnut and sweet almond oils, so your skin will be left nourished, soothed and softened.


Next, we have the perfect cleanser if you’re feeling a little dull:

Lait VIP 02


Skin Instants®: Stressed, Devitalised & Dull Skins

This cleanser will not only breathe life back into your skin but will leave it bright, unified and energised. Perfect for city goers, this cleanser is infused with anti-pollution properties to protect your skin from daily pollutants.

With softening agents Vitamin E & F and the Specific BR Oxygenating Complex, skin will be left oxygenated, hydrated and unified.


If you’re looking for something for the slightly more mature skin, this one’s for you:

Lait E.V.

Skin Instants®: Dehydrated, Devitalised and/or Mature Skins, but also if you’re a little sensitive too!

This cleanser is dual action, this is our gentle anti-ageing cleanser that nourishes the skin and hydrates it at the same time.

Enriched with vitamins E and F and packed with essential fatty acids and cellular extracts, your skin is left plumped, protected and soothed. Amazing!


Now that we have the double cleanse sorted, let’s move on to the next step:

Resolution Number 2: Use a Hydrating Serum!

Why use a hydrating serum? Well, serum is a skincare product you can apply to your skin after cleansing but before your face cream, with the intent of delivering targeted ingredients directly into the skin. Serums are generally made up of smaller molecules that can penetrate more deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients. How great is that!?

All you need is a few little drops! Lightly massage between 5-10 drops of your chosen serum into clean skin over the entire face, neck and décolleté until the product has been completely absorbed.

We have three fantastic hydrating serums for you to choose from:

The first serum is again specially formulated for the more sensitive and dehydrated of skins:

Sérum Colostrum

Skin Instants®: Very Dehydrated and Devitalised and/or Mature Skins

This is our most intensive hydrating serum we have… specifically formulated for dehydrated and sensitive Skin Instants®.

Infused with Colostrum Milk Protein, this serum will provide the comfort and protection you are longing for!


Our second level of hydrating serum is:

Sérum Amniotique

Skin Instants®: Lightly Dehydrated Skins

This serum is specially formulated to inject the skin with gentle hydration without doing too much!

Its soothing and hydrating properties are derived from Botanical Amniotic Fluid and Prickly Pear Cactus Extract, providing long-term hydration and regeneration.


Our third level of hydrating serum is the:

Sérum Extraits Tissulaires

Skin Instants®: Dehydrated and Oily Tendency Skins

This feather light serum is perfect for Oily Skin Instants®, helping to re-balance hydration and oil levels. Infused with Alpine Pink Laurel Plant Extract, this serum will restore the skin’s water balance and hydrate the under eye area.


Now onto our third resolution:

Resolution Number 3: Consider a weekly face mask

Now I know what you’re thinking, OMG another product and what a mission this is going to be! But trust me, this is worth it and honestly only takes a few minutes!

You just need to apply the mask onto your face, neck and décolleté. Leave it on for 15 minutes, moisten the mask and rinse it off with cold water and/or damp cotton pads. You could even do this before getting in the bath and having some ‘me-time’! Trust me you will be feeling pampered and your skin will be glowing.

Using a weekly face mask will help to purify, balance soothe and even protect your skin from harsh daily aggressors. It all depends what your skin needs are!

Did you know – congested skin is the result of dead skin cells blocking the pores on your face (usually the t-zone), resulting in blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes? That’s why it is so important to use a weekly face mask in order to rid yourself of these!

Let me introduce you to our hero mask for purifying:

Biomagic Mask

Skin Instants®: Oily Tendencies with Open Pores and/or Less Toned

This mask is packed full of white clay to purify and mattify the skin and also contains corn oil to regenerate and soften at the same time.

To make this mask even more amazing, it also tones, lifts and brightens! We like to call it the ‘Red Carpet Mask”. For 7 hours after application your skin will be instantly lifted, plump and taught! The instant face lift! Now we’re talking!


Now if you’re looking for something for a more balanced skin tone but after instant brightening, then this next mask is for you:

Masque VIP 02

Skin Instants® Dull, Devitalised & Dehydrated

This mask will instantly breathe life back into your skin by enhancing cell regeneration and revitalisation. Its Special BR Oxygenating Complex stimulating action helps reduce dark circles to further erase the signs of fatigue.

Loaded with essential fatty acids and Marine Elastin, your skin will be left toned, hydrated and unified. Masque VIP o2 can also be mixed with any of the Biologique Recherche masks to achieve a mask cocktail unique to you! Great! Now we can try them all!


That leads us on to our penultimate resolution!

Resolution Number 4: Use a Finishing Serum

Finishing Serums seal in all of the products you have used prior to applying it, and also contain our highest amounts of active ingredients, so they are our Super Stars! This is the last step of your skincare regime which will ultimately enhance the effect of your skincare products as they have nowhere to go under this beautifying ‘veil’. This means your skin is protected which is so important at this time of year, when we are facing harsh cold climates and extreme temperature changes from cold to dry central heating. Hydration will be locked in and your skin will be left luminous.

Fluide VIP 02 contains a protective blend of concentrated ingredients to ensure that your skin glows with radiance!

Skin Instants® Dull and Dehydrated

Containing the Specific BR Oxygenating Complex and revitalising and regenerating agents such as Tepescohuite Extract and Witch Hazel Extract, skin is immediately hydrated and soothed. Added antioxidants such as Silk Extract help to smooth and protect the skin, forming a barrier against daily aggressors and pollution.

By increasing the concentration of oxygen on the surface of the skin, this beautifying veil in turn soothes the skin, diminishes red blemishes and leaves your skin illuminated!

How to use: Apply a few drops of Fluide VIP O2 to the entire face, neck and décolleté in the morning and/or in the evening. Alternatively, a few drops can also be mixed into your cream.


Now onto the finale!

Resolution number 5: Up your antioxidant intake

So, why are antioxidants important?

Antioxidants give a protective effect against ageing. They can also help reduce inflammation and have a soothing effect on the skin.

Topical antioxidants can make the skin look more youthful and protect against extrinsic ageing (for instance, premature ageing caused by external factors like chronic sun exposure, smoking, pollution, and more).

Here are our top picks for antioxidant products:

Serum 3R

Skin Instants®: Devitalised and/or Mature

This serum is packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals, improve the hydrolipidic film and repairs DNA. Through this, this innovative product unifies the skin, strengthens and firms the skin and calms any irritations.

Wrinkles, loss of radiance and lack of firmness are targeted with exfoliating acids and plant-based antioxidants including Cranberry Extract, Antioxidant Tripeptide and Walnut Extract. This enables the skin to renew itself and prevent and correct visible signs of ageing.

How to use: Add a few sprays of the Sérum 3R onto a cotton pad and apply to the entire face, neck and décolleté prior to using your day or night cream.


Another useful and fabulous way of upping your antioxidant intake everyday would be through your lip balm! Introducing:


All Skin Instants®. Recommended for Dehydrated, Rough and Chapped Lips

This natural balm immediately soothes and repairs damaged lips. The antioxidant agents Vitamin E, Rosemary Oil Extract help to condition whilst preventing water loss.

BIOKISS will protect your lips from harsh climate aggressors and leave a protective film that will keep your lips nourished, repaired and hydrated. This balm will visibly regenerate, restructure and recondition. Wooh! This balm works even better as an overnight lip mask! Allowing complete and uninterrupted penetration, you will wake up with the smoothest and softest of lips!

How to use: Apply a thin layer of BIOKISS as often as necessary on the lips and lip contour or apply as a mask all over the lip area at night, just before going to bed.


We hope that throughout this article we have got you excited for your new skincare regime with our 5 step Resolution Plan! Please feel free to come by the clinic or give us a call if you ever need any advice, we are always here to assist! Here’s to a great New Year and great skin!

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By Natalie Kingsley-Fieldgrass