Detoxify, Smooth & Slim

Detoxify, Smooth & Slim

Welcome to the latest issue of the EB E-MAG where we are going to be discussing best practices to get your figure back after the indulgent holiday season!

This festive season was ever so slightly different to the normal ones we’re used to….. ever so slightly, but we’re finally coming out of this one now. We still had the chance to enjoy our festive favourites of mouth-watering goose, warmly spiced egg nogs and our favourite Christmas puddings (especially if you smother it with a little … ok maybe a lot of alcohol infused cream!) Delicious! It’s odd that when you’re told you can’t do something, you really do cherish it much more … I really enjoyed the cosy nights in with my close family this year … snuggling up on the sofa, putting on a warm log fire and just enjoying laughing and chatting with a deep red glass of wine.

After all of that indulgence and relaxation (skipping on my jogs in the morning because I most definitely felt too lazy), I realised that once again, the festive season has done its magic! My trousers are feeling a tad bit too tight around the waist area AND the thigh area .... so I am now faced with two options:

  • Buy new clothes to fit my slightly more rounded figure
  • Keep feeling uncomfortable in too-tight-clothes to push myself to slim down

Mmmmmh, I went with Option 2 …. Less lazy option and definitely the most economical option!

So here it is, my routine for the next couple of months until I feel me again!

Step 1: Start jogging in the mornings again (majorly important!)

Step 2: Stop eating so much crap …. Make wiser choices! Yes, I will have that green juice thank you!

Step 3: Body care 3 evenings a week …. Do you remember the days that when you just decided that you were going to be good for a month or so, after you’ve over indulged, that your body would just snap back to what it was? Well I do! And I miss those days so much! Now, I have to put in a little bit more elbow grease, so here it is, here’s my routine to get my body back to … me!

I’ve learnt that whatever area you’re trying to treat on your body …. Your face, your body, even your scalp …. The way to achieve maximum effectiveness is to exfoliate first because not only does it allow the product to penetrate the skin much more evenly and faster, but it also gives you a lovely smooth baby soft skin.

Once a week, an hour or 2 before I shower, I spritz the Lotion P50 Corps onto my entire body (just be careful not to spray it on any areas where you have sensitivity or broken skin …. You’ll feel it! It WILL sting! Rinse it off that area quickly if you’ve done it by mistake). Once you’re spritzed, take the Body Glove on the bauble side (this is the anti-cellulite side which breaks down the fat deposits) and just massage everywhere, paying most attention to the areas of concern. Now … whilst your massaging in circular movements, apply pressure … the more pressure you apply, the more effective it’s going to be ….. and yes it can feel uncomfortable, it can even hurt a little, but go as firmly as you can for the best results and try not to bruise yourself (as I’ve done once or twice).

The Lotion P50 Corps leaves quite a sticky consistency on the skin, which is why I do this 2 hours before I shower, enough time for the product to do it’s thing, but if you can handle it, it would work even better if you do this process before bed, go to sleep and then rinse off in the morning.

Twice a week, I go in hard! I use the Crème Amincissante Oxygenante MC110 and this is where the magic happens. This gel is a melange of powerful essential oils which aid in slimming, toning and detoxifying. Not to mention, it smells and feels so invigorating!

I use this product in very much the same way as the Lotion P50 Corps, but I don’t rinse it off as it’s comfortable to leave on the skin and the fragrance is absolutely divine and extremely refreshing. I also don’t use it on the same day as the Lotion P50 Corps, that would be too punishing for me!

I love to apply this after my morning jog as I find that the product combined with the massaging also relaxes my muscles. I also think that I’ve done the physical exercise, and now I want to boost the effects of it with this product straight away!

I like to focus on my inner thighs, my upper arms and my sides (some people may refer to these as love handles!).

Ok, now we’re done with the hardship, the rest is comforting and relaxing.

Three times a week I apply the Serum Matriciel to all the areas I want to be firmer and more toned. It contains lots of powerful ingredients such as Royal Jelly, a known plumping and moisturising agent, as well as Glycoproteins derived from Microorganisms of Antarctica … less known but extremely effective!

This serum is exceptional at toning the breast area inner thighs and upper arms and I have found that it works best where the skin is more delicate. Just a few spritzes, massage in with your hand et voila!

January is a really wet and cold month and my body really tends to feel it. I sometimes feel this cracking tight feeling on my skin in my lower back, and my skin generally feels depleted and less elastic and bouncy. This is due to strong central heating, covering up your skin all the time and extreme changes in temperatures. To combat these uncomfortable effects, I’ve learnt that I need to moisturise. So, for the two coldest months of the year, January and February, I use the Crème Dermo-RL Corps. It’s the most luscious, richest, buttery concoction you will ever apply to your skin. It also is very kind to your skin, so the most sensitive and reactive of skins love it. Slather it all over and cocoon yourself in cosy comfort.

We hope that within this article we were able to help you with your slimming targets, or maybe even one of your New Year resolutions!

By Natalie Kingsley-Fieldgrass