Find Your Perfect Match - Mask Edition

Ah. Masking. One of our favourite skincare steps here at The Embassy of Beauty. We love it so much, that whenever we have a client that doesn’t mask, we turn them away. We’re kidding. But seriously, masking is essential to a healthy, balanced and glowing complexion. Here’s why. 

Why Masking?

Masks are formulated to create a layer of product on top of the skin. Be it a thick emulsion, or thin gelee, this highly concentrated treatment step allows the included active ingredients to penetrate deeper and work more effectively into the skin. This enables your skin to benefit from results that regular leave on products cannot necessarily achieve.  

A lot of clients view masking as an unnecessary step, or at best, an optional addition to their skincare routine. That’s why, they either don’t bother to mask at all or aren’t very consistent in its application. Don’t get us wrong, we totally understand the reasoning behind this. In our hectic lives, an extra 15 minutes can make the difference between being 1 hour late to work, or 2 hours early to a date. But the great thing about proper masking is that it can be tailored not only to your skin’s needs, but to your busy schedule as well. 

When To Mask?

When should you mask though? Tricky question to be honest. Many schools of thought argue for morning masking, as skin would have regenerated overnight and shed some dead cells by sunrise. Which means that a mask application would help slough off debris and reveal a glow for your day ahead. Whereas other professionals argue for evening masks. This is because applying a mask at night may allow your skin more time to reap its benefits. Also, with some active masks that boost blood circulation, you won’t have to worry about being tomato red during your morning commute. 

Different Types of Mask

We say, pick your poison! Masks come in so many varieties, it’s silly to have an umbrella window for all. Oftentimes, you also get a specific period to apply the mask on its packaging, and when you don’t, just ask yourself what benefits you are looking to achieve. 

Take Masque VIP O2 for instance. This anti-pollution mask works overtime to eliminate skin of cellular waste. For city dwellers, applying a layer of this oxygenated emulsion would do skin much needed healing. So ideally, we suggest nighttime use. After a long bustling day through the streets of London, dandelion fructans and chlorella provide detoxifying benefits while a complex of natural moisturising sugars and rhizobium deeply hydrate, leaving your skin with a healthy glow. 

Congested Skin?

Cooking a delicious Italian dinner? Apply the Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant while your pasta boils. This multi-functional mask is designed to purify the epidermis, regulate excess sebum production, and minimise enlarged pores. Ideal for oily and congested skin types seeking balance and radiance. Featuring key ingredients such as yeast extract and bentonite clay, this mask works to harmonize your complexion. Refreshing cucumber extract, Witch Hazel and St. John’s Wort Complex offer soothing properties, leaving your skin calm and revitalized. Top Tip: If your skin is dull, mix 1/3 of Masque VIP O2 with 2/3 Masque Vivant for enhanced brightening power.

Overnight Masks

Masks are generally left on for 10-20 minutes, but just as with the time of application, it all depends on which mask you’re using. Best-selling Crème Masque Vernix is formulated to be used either as a deeply restoring overnight mask, or a quick 10-minute, skin repairing treatment. Inspired by the original composition of a newborn’s vernix, this revolutionary crème mask heals, reconditions and strengthens the epidermis. Providing delicate skin with a “second birth”, ingredients such as ceramide complex, yeast and placenta extract. Your skin will feel like new! 

Sheet Masks

For our jet-setters, clay or heavy cream masks may not be the most convenient to use on a plane. Thankfully, we have sheet masks! A sheet mask is a fairly new concept, made popular by South Korean skincare. It works similarly to traditional masks, as the cellulose sheet forms an occlusive layer on the skin, without the added need of having to wash off any messy clays.  

What better time to enjoy the benefits of a sheet mask than on a long flight? Or a quick one too! Airplane environments are notoriously dehydrating to skin, and this can lead to premature signs of ageing such as fine lines, or loss of elasticity. Masque Caviar Vert is the epitome of rejuvenation working to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles while providing tightening and firming effect. Featuring Green Caviar, a type of seaweed that has unique ability to boost synthesis of collagen type I and IV while also stimulating production of your own natural hyaluronic acid to restore skin’s youthfulness and hydration.  

Further enriched with Marine Exopolyssacharide that provides long-lasting lifting effect starting after within15 minutes of application. So not only do you get superb anti-ageing benefits before your plane lands, but it also makes for a killer selfie! 

Mini Spa Session 

House cleaning is definitely a bore, but dabbing on a mask can turn that task into a mini spa session. A luxurious treatment such as the Auteur Definitive Optimising Mask will have you feeling a bit more glamorous as you dust away. It features a patented X50® Myocept and X50® Barrier Peptide to smooth out expression lines and wrinkles while encouraging skin regeneration and resilience. Boosted with a blend of AHAs including phytic, glycolic and lactic acids working to brighten and increase cellular turnover. The Definitive Optimising Mask will leave your skin radiant, lifted and smoothed. Cinderella could never.  

Ever masked at work? We have (don’t tell our bosses). Eye masks are all the rage these days, and because of their compact size and general lack of clutter, they make for a great mid-day pick me up. The Biologique Recherche Patchs Défatigants is an innovative twist on this trend. Featuring a pincher style of application, it covers not only the lower eye area, but the upper lids as well. This design allows complete ocular rejuvenation in a matter of minutes. Caffeine and peptides alleviate those puffy computer eyes, and hyaluronic acid works to fill in pesky crow's feet. 

Gentle Rejuvenation 

The newest addition to Embassy of Beauty offering, Irene Forte Pistachio Face Mask is another wonderful overnight mask, or a quick replenisher. Clinically proven to plump skin instantly, and hydrate the epidermis for up to 12 hours, its creamy consistency is a saviour for dry, mature skin. Antioxidant rich oils of pumpkin, olive and avocado infuse skin with nutrients, leaving it supple and smooth. While aloe vera juice deeply hydrates to plump up the skin, giving it a dewy appearance. Though not as convenient as a sheet mask, the Pistachio Face Mask can also be applied on a long-haul flight to protect the skin from dehydrating conditions while nourishing and hydrating.  

We wish we could cover all our masks (we love our puns), but then we might be here all day, no? Regardless of your skin type or skin concern though, we hope you found a match in the options above. If not, feel free to pop in at the Embassy of Beauty today for a more detailed skin analysis. Our team of qualified professionals will help you find not only the perfect mask for your skin but can tailor a complete regimen to help you achieve a glowing, balanced and healthy canvas as well. 

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to seeing you again soon. 

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