Find Your Perfect Match - Cleanser Edition

The groundwork. The foundation. The cleanse. Often misunderstood, hugely underrated. Our hope is that after reading this article, you understand just how important cleansing is in your overall skincare routine and make better cleanser decisions to improve your beauty results.  

Cleansing has been a major part of human tradition for quite some time and over the centuries the way we cleanse has evolved. From powdered wood ash to caviar infused milks, cleansers have made strides in not only their formulations but their benefits as well. 

All those scientific breakthroughs have led to quite a few choices though, and with just one brand having over ten options for cleansing, it might be quite daunting to figure out the best one to choose. Fortunately for you, here at Embassy of Beauty we not only have a large selection of cleansers, but qualified professionals to help you find your perfect match as well.  

The first step to that match however is understanding your skin type. We often reiterate the importance of knowing just exactly what that type is. Just in case you missed it though, we’ll break it down again, and also suggest some options to use in your cleansing routine.  

Before we dive in, what exactly is a cleanser? Oxford Dictionary makes it very self-explanatory through their definition, citing, “a substance that cleanses something, especially a cosmetic product for cleansing the skin.” Pretty straightforward yeah? Cleansers basically remove impurities from your skin! Be it makeup from the morning, or pollution from the tube. A good cleanser will purge your skin of the muck and guck which can accumulate throughout the day, without destabilising your epidermal barrier (more on that later). 

Cleansers come in many forms, consistencies and types. For the sake of brevity, we’ll highlight the four most common types of cleansers used in skincare today: 


These are the most popular type of cleanser, probably because of the endless variations they can come in. Regardless of milk, gel, or cream, all water-based cleansers are made majorly of, well, water. They also contain some sort of surfactant blend to help wash away debris such as left over makeup or skincare.



Perfect for mature, dry, or compromised skin, oil-based cleansers are formulated with lipids, be that as the name implies oils, or also plant butters. These cleansers are wonderful at nourishing skin, while also removing heavily oil saturated products such as sunscreen, without drying out your epidermis. 


Gaining traction in recent years, powder cleansers are often touted for their environmental friendliness due to their ability to utilise less packaging than their liquid counterparts. Here at Embassy, we love powder cleansers because they can incorporate ingredients that are normally unstable in water, such as enzymes or ascorbic acid. 

Soap Bar 

Undoubtedly one of the oldest forms of cleansers are bars of soap here at the clinic. Over the years they gained slightly controversial position, this is because during their production, they end up with high alkaline levels that are detrimental to skins acid mantle. However, cosmetic innovations have led to soap bars that are pH balanced and gently acting, making them better for skin, and the environment! 

Essential Tips & Tricks

We know, we know, four types of cleansers may seem like overkill. But if you remember one simple rule, we promise it will make things easier. Skin Type First. Regardless your choice of cleanser, breaking your options down to your specific skin type will make the selection swifter. There are also some key steps that all skin types should abide by during cleansing.  

For one, make sure to never sleep in makeup, no matter how tired your are, please please please always wash off that foundation and wipe away that eyeliner. Solution Démaquillante pour les Yeux does a stellar job at banishing your smokey wing tip. A unique bi-phase formula, it effortlessly removes even waterproof mascara! Formulated with kiwi water, peptides and squalane, it soothes, hydrates and conditions the delicate skin around your eyes. The addition of kudzu extract and cornflower ensures the formula is ultra-gentle and suitable for sensitive skins, including those wearing contact lenses.  

You should also ensure to use lukewarm water to cleanse your skin, never hot. As soothing as it may be, hot water can over-strip the skin, resulting in premature skin ageing. This is especially true for dry, flakey skin. Lukewarm water will clean without further drying you out. To help feed your skin though, pick a nourishing cleanser such as Biologique Recherche Lait E.V. Featuring a blend of relipidating ingredients that strengthen and protect skin. Avocado and Luffa Oil provide nourishment, whilst Tsubaki oil and Hyaluronic Acid hydrate and regenerate. This cleanser is also wonderful for mature skin, including those experiencing menopausal symptoms such as increased skin dryness.  

Oily Skin

If your skin is oily, that doesn’t mean you can get away with hot water cleansing too. Though a monthly deep steam with one of our aestheticians can alleviate some of those clogged pores, for day-to-day use, a sebum regulating cleanser like Lait S.R. is best. A gentle action cleanser, it contains an oil regulating Rose Hip Extract and purifying complex of Myrrh, Myrtle and Onion to clarify skin, mattify, reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and prevent imperfections. Unlike traditional oily skin cleansers, this product is gentle and non-stripping to leave the skin feeling comfortable, balanced and never tight.  

City Dwellers

Living in a busy city such as London doesn’t come without some side effects. One of which is air pollution. While we may not always see it, pollution particles from cars, industrial facilities and smoke can adhere to skin. This may leave complexions dull, devitalised and lead to premature skin ageing. Lait VIP O2 combines shea detox and patented oxygenating complex to eliminate urban pollutants. It’s blend of rice bran oil, hyaluronic acid and yeast hydrate and brighten the skin, allowing it to regain its natural radiance.  

Pigmentation Concerns

Speaking of radiance, for those who have more specific pigmentation concerns, the Auteur Enzyme Cleanser is a stellar choice to begin your routine. A transformative powder-to-emulsion cleanser, it harnesses the power of enzymatic Zymo Lift MD and alpha hydroxy acids to slough off built up dead skin cells. From one use, radiant, even toned and smoother skin is revealed, with benefits accumulating over time.  

Proper cleansing can help achieve a stronger epidermal barrier (we’re back to that). When you use cleansers with the wrong pH or skin stripping sulfates, this can wreak havoc on your natural moisture barrier, leading to compromised and sensitive skin. Irene Forte’s Almond Cleansing Milk is a lightweight milky cleanser that hydrates, calms and nourishes delipidated skin types. Jam-packed with multi-omega oils like olive and jojoba that strengthen and repair skin barrier, it also contains inflammation calming actives, such as aloe vera juice that curb redness.  

Gentle Rejuvenation

For skin that needs gentle rejuvenation Sapelo’s
Seaweed Cleanser is a soap-free option for you. This gel-based cleanser utilises ancient soapbark, a natural surfactant that gently washes away impurities without compromising the skin. Infused with antioxidant-rich green tea leaf and seaweed extracts to leave the skin refreshed, hydrated and protected after every use.  

Quality is Key

We know that cleansing is often overlooked because of how quickly you’re done with it. There’s also a misconception that “it’s going down the drain anyways”. But quality skincare products are formulated to ensure some kind of penetration of their active ingredients. Selecting a right cleanser for you will not only prep your skin for the tinctures to follow, but allow them to work that much better too. 

Thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you soon.