Master the art of mixing skincare

Who doesn’t love exploring new skincare products? Mixing, layering, trying different sequences of application, the possibilities are endless, and so much fun!

The absolute core of Biologique Recherche is not only for our expert consultants to personalise the skincare products to each individual skin, but also to mix them together and cocktail them in a certain way, which would benefit each skin perfectly! It’s quite similar to baking; if you add a little less flour to one cake, and a little more on the other, the result is completely different.

We believe that the skin changes daily. One day, your skin may feel more sensitive, or drier or oilier; and this can be due to a multitude of factors. Reasons may include the weather, health, medication, recent treatments you may have experienced, and the list goes on …. This is where you become the Master of Your Skin! Before you apply your skincare every morning, and after your cleanse every night, have a look at your skin and listen to its needs.

Here are just some of our tips on how to cocktail your Biologique Recherche skincare and the first steps to mastering your skincare.


Which Biologique Recherche products can be mixed together?


More than one Biologique Recherche cleanser can be used at any one time. In fact, we recommend mixing them to your needs! All milk cleansers can be mixed together depending on whether you need extra radiance, extra nourishment or a more mattified skin. One of our favourite combos is to add a little Eau Micellaire Biosensible to any cleansing milk, or using it as a first cleanse. The Eau Micellaire Biosensible cleanses the skin, hydrates it, but also minimises any sensitivity or redness and strengthens it in the process. It’s our little not so secret secret!


These are the only products from Biologique Recherche which we do not advise mixing, but we do love the method of applying one to a certain area, and another, to a different area of the face. For example, if you have a generally healthy skin in need of a little skin refinement and glow, but also some pigmentation patches on the forehead; we would recommend to apply the Lotion P50W/Lotion P50V/Lotion P50 to the entire face, but apply the Lotion P50 PIGM400 to the affected pigmentation area. In this way, you are receiving refinement and glow everywhere, and the areas of pigmentation are also being treated!


This product category is the one you can have the most fun with! You can not only mix most Biologique Recherche masks together, you can apply different masks to different areas of the face, and also add a few drops of the serums into your mask mixture for extra personalised results. A good combination is mixing the Masque Vivant and the Masque VIP O2 to get both the purifying benefit and a perfect glow. The Masque VIP O2 is a particularly good mixer and can be mixed into any mask for a brightening boost!

Our recipe for a perfect glow:

Mix all ingredients together, apply to the skin and run the Cryo Sticks over the skin for 15-20 mins, whilst the products are acting. Remove with cold water, et voilà!


Serums tend to be the most potent of products; this is because the molecules within thinner, more liquid formulations, penetrate the skin faster and deeper, also making them the most effective. Serums are extremely multi-faceted as well; they can be used alone, up to 4 can be cocktailed together or they can be added to masks and creams. So, although there are so many ways to use these powerful gems, they are powerful, so a little caution is advised … The best way to go about this one would probably be to be recommended which serums would be best for your skin by a consultant, and then once you’ve used them for a couple of weeks, you would then begin to cocktail them and discover the different ways your skin loves to accept them!


We are all used to the notion of a Day Cream and a Night Cream, this is because the night cream is usually the most active cream, the one which is treating your strongest concern; and your day cream is the more comfortable one, the one which comforts your skin best or provides a good base for your foundation. The reasoning behind this method is that your skin does most of its reparation as you sleep, so we like to give it a helping hand!

Some creams can also be combined together. For example, if you would like extra moisture on a day when your skin feels more dehydrated than usual, you can mix a 1/3 of another more hydrating moisturiser such as the Gel ADN Silkgen or the Emulsion Originelle Régénérante. These two work in perfect tandem with any other cream!


These little beauties are what we consider our finishing touches! We have a few different ones, and their main role is to protect your skin against external aggressors and to aid the penetration of all the previous products applied to the skin. They also contain the largest amount of active ingredients, compared to our other ranges, so they’re potent!

The Finishing Serums can be applied instead of creams, if you prefer a lighter texture on the skin, or on top of creams if you prefer a richer texture. They can also be mixed into masks or creams! One of our best tricks is to add a few drops of the Sérum Yall~O2 to your cream to add that extra nourishment and protection, is your skin is dry. On the other hand, if you tend to have a duller skin, in need of some bounce, you could add the Fluide VIP O2 to your mask or cream for extra energising and brightness!



As we have seen, there is a multitude of ways products can and should be used. Not only does mixing certain products improve the efficiency of them, but it also helps you to personalise your routine on a daily basis. It’s important to be mindful at the beginning though; when introducing a new cocktail to your regime, welcome it gently, try one at a time and see how the skin reacts.


We hope you enjoyed learning how to Master the Art of Mixing Skincare, and we invite you to discover more mixing tips on each of our product pages.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have, and we will help you to navigate your newly found Mastery!



By Embassy of Beauty