How to prepare your skin for Spring

Our regime should change as the weather does.

The bright yellow daffodils are a sure sign that the dawn chorus is soon to brightly chirp as the lighter days creep in, and we will enjoy the fragrant bloom of the cherry blossom.

It seems like only yesterday we were preparing our skin for the treacherous cold weather ahead. As we peel away the layers of cashmere and the comfort of lazy movie nights, the roaring fires will no longer be stoked, and steaming mugs of tea will subside.

Just as our skin acclimatises to the cold, the warmth of spring jumps from the blue sky and the changing of the seasons once again aggravates the skin, leaving it oily, blotchy and generally unimpressed.  

Our skin will breathe a veritable sign of relief. The air is drier in the cold winter months which sucks moisture from the skin. These sudden temperature changes teamed with the stuffy indoor heating mean that we feel awfully dehydrated, dull and flaky – a recipe for skincare disaster.  

Our skin will surely bloom to life with the extra burst of Vitamin D and we wave goodbye to blasts of intense indoor heating, followed by the prickly cold of the temperature outdoors.

Like an old movie we’ve watched hundreds of times, our skin thrives in the consistency of routine. Slough away the winter and reveal your springtime glow with these tips.

Hydrate and balance the skin

Our skin tends to be unbalanced when we move from Winter to Spring. We feel blotchy and dehydrated in winter, and those of us suffering from Eczema and Psoriasis often find that it has angrily flared up.  

The skin’s ‘defence shield’ is called the Acid Mantle (also known as the Hydolipidic Shield). As we move into Spring, the air is more humid. We can give the skin a helping hand in replenishing this barrier after the Winter with creams and serums containing Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF) and lipids, leaving our skin happy and hydrated for Spring.

Re-assess the texture of your creams

During the Winter, we tend to opt for heavy textured, rich creams to give our skin a gulp of nourishment. Thick creams can be too heavy for the warmer weather, and leave skin feeling congested and oily.

As the weather warms and we balance our skin, we should avoid anything too heavy. Products with a lighter texture, containing less lipids and more hydration, that sink straight into the skin are a much more comfortable option for these warmer Spring days.

Reveal your glow

Free radicals are pesky molecules that irritate our skin. They can appear from external aggressors such as UV rays and pollution, making our skin look and feel dull.

Reveal your warm, springtime glow by using oxygenating products. These products have molecules that will banish the free radicals from your skin and reveal your very best glow. Not only do they reveal a radiant skin, they create a barrier to protect against pollutants on the skin – think of it as a veil protecting our delicate skin.  


Banish dullness with the pigm 400 range


The PIGM 400 range is a powerful brightening range tackling existing pigmentation and preventing the appearance of new spots. This range really packs a punch as it purifies the skin, protecting it with a veil of antioxidants, leaving it more able to deal with external stresses.  

The Masque PIGM 400 is the latest addition to the PIGM 400 range. This brightening mask provides a more luminous and even complexion from the very first application. This 20-minute sheet mask perfectly fits to the face to leave the skin looking brighter and tackle pigmentation, it also prevents further pigmentation from occurring and is packed full of antioxidants. 

The cult P50 range of exfoliators include the Lotion P50 PIGM 400, ‘the anti-pigmentation one’ that includes active ingredients to help restore a luminous and radiant skin tone – and brighten dark spots.  

Crème PIGM 400 is a concentrated mix of brightening, anti-pigmentation and protective substances. Its multi-factor formulation helps correct existing imperfections and prevents the appearance of further pigmentary spots. The complexion is brighter and the skin more uniform. This powerful cream should always be teamed with the Sérum PIGM 400, a serum that can be used locally to pack a punch against dark spots.  

When using this range, we should help our skin along the way by giving it a deep burst of hydration. The Sérum Colostrum is perfect for Spring as it deeply hydrates the skin without producing a layer of oily residue.  


Brighten and protect with the VIP O2 RAnge


The VIP 02 range has a unique BR oxygenating complex, which provides a blast of oxygen to our skin to banish free radicals and promote cell regeneration. 

Start with the Lait VIP O2 cleanser, the ultimate anti-pollution cleanse to brighten, remove impurities and stimulate the skin. Vitamins E and F will soften the skin and a blend of active ingredients will regenerate the skin’s barrier.  

Follow your cleanse with a layer of the Masque VIP O2 to revitalise and promote cell regeneration. The Crème VIP 02 protects the skin from daily pollutants and can be paired with the enlivening eye cream Crème Contour des Yeux VIP 02 which is packed with nourishing ingredients including avocado oil and marine elastin to stimulate cell exchanges, which will nourish the skin and relieve tired eyes.  

For a strong burst of radiance, the powerful Fluide VIP 02 evens out blotchiness and plumps skin to perfection!


Combat blotchy, uneven skin with these skin SAVIOURS  


Renewal, regeneration and repair – the three R’s that we really want to hear for our skin.  

The Serum 3R is perfect for devitalised skin with the change in seasons. It combats blotchiness and loss of radiance as exfoliating acids, anti-inflammatory ingredients and antioxidants calm the irritation that can be caused by the change in seasons and unify the complexion.  

The powerful Sérum is a powerful blend of 12 active ingredients. The exfoliation process enables cell regeneration, active antioxidant ingredients include cranberry and walnut extracts and chestnut wood and tropical almond firm the facial skin.  

As a final burst of sumptuousness for the skin, this powerful serum is packed with lipids, which create a protective film for the skin. 

The Crème echinoderm au complexe bio-marin is the ultimate answer for an unbalanced, blotchy complexion. The sebum regulating ingredients teamed with moisturising agents hydrate the skin whilst mattifying the complexion. This powerful blend contains revitalising and antioxidant agents to give the skin a powerful glow whilst you hydrate.  

Get the glow with the Sérum Oligo-Protéines Marines. This brightening serum is energising, revitalising and banishes dark under eye circles. It stimulates the skin cells to renew and brightens the complexion, leaving the skin looking energised and revived.  

Benefit from a regular skin analysis and treatment

Our skin changes at every moment in time across the day and across different climates.  The Biologique Recherche approach refers to ‘Skin Instants®’, which is a snapshot of your skin at that moment in time.

As the warm weather is upon us, we recommend that you have a Skin Analysis every three months, particularly at this time of year when skin is likely to become unbalanced.  

When skin is unbalanced, we recommend the Soin Restructurant et Lissant treatment, a protective and reconditioning facial that works across the lymphatic and circulatory system, leaving the skin smoothed and toned.  

The Soin Lotion MC 110 facial is also perfect for this time of year. It energises lacklustre skin using unique Parisian vibratory massage techniques, plumping areas of concern whilst sculpting, hydrating and brightening the skin.

By Embassy of Beauty